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Disgruntled Investor Sues Stox Prediction Market and Founder

News Israeli crypto entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg and his blockchain firm Stox (STX) are facing a lawsuit from a disgruntled investor in the United States. A Vancouver-based investor has accused Hogeg of major breaches of contract and alleged fraud that caused him losses of at least $430,000, according..

Court Orders $4M in Penalties for Investment Fraud Involving ATM Coin

News A New York court has ordered defendants to pay $4.25 million in penalties for investment fraud involving the cryptocurrency ATM Coin. Case first brought by the CFTC in April 2018On Nov. 1, the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced that the U.S. District Court for..

NY Court Orders Veritaseum to Pay Back $8 Million From Illegal ICO

News The CEO of Delaware-registered blockchain firm Veritaseum LLC and New York-registered Veritaseum Inc., Reggie Middleton, was ordered to pay $8.4 million in disgorgement, according to a new court order. Additionally, Middleton is liable for a civil penalty of $1 million, fintech publication Fi..

Craig Wright Challenges Court Order Requiring Him to Pay 500K Bitcoin

News Self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (BTC) Craig Wright wants to challenge a recent court order requiring him to pay 500,000 Bitcoins to the Kleiman estate. Reinhardt did not have power to enter the order, Wright saysOn Aug. 30, Wright’s attorney Andres Rivero filed a document with the United S..

Crypto in Court — Overview of the Biggest Lawsuits Worldwide

Analysis Over the last 24 months, all major legal systems have been floundering to develop a regulatory framework that can be applied across the blockchain industry. This lack of a standard foundation has led to the world watching current court cases within the crypto industry with extreme scrutin..

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