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Australian Authorities Indict Cryptocurrency Crime Syndicate

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) together with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) recently announced the crackdown of a group of fraudsters who specialized in identity theft. Per a press release, the syndicate moved the stolen funds back from abroad into Australia using c..

Chainalysis Launches Real-Time Crypto Alerts to Help Mitigate Crime

Like it or not, crypto is used for crime. While mainstream media likely exaggerates their reports on Bitcoin-enabled crime, especially when they say everyone in the industry isn’t above board, these decentralized forms of money have found use in non-kosher scenarios. As reported by Blockonomi prev..

Police Rescue Two Bitcoin Traders Held for Weeks in Ransom Plot

Crypto-related crime has struck again; this time in Jaipur, India, but thankfully the long arm of the law caught up with the perpetrators before they could do much damage. Indian police have reportedly uncovered the den of kidnappers who had held two Bitcoin traders captive for two weeks. Per the r..

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