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Crypto Custody, Explained

Well, it seems to be the latest trend that’s causing a buzz. For the uninitiated, these services pave the way for digital assets to be securely held in large volumes. Some advocates believe that this could be one of the key factors needed to trigger an influx of new capital from institutional..

Crypto Regulation: Is It Good or Bad for the Industry?

Use Case It’s the issue that never seems to go away: regulation. Some crypto advocates insist it is good for the industry, paving the way for mainstream adoption among consumers and businesses alike. Others warn a legal framework will only end in tears — stifling innovation and putting digital cur..

Crypto in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges, Explained

Increasingly so, and you could argue that parts of the continent are world-leading. Back in April, Google Trends data revealed that Lagos in Nigeria has the world’s highest volume of online searches for Bitcoin (BTC). A lot of this is driven by frustration toward existing payment solutions, w..

How Crypto and Blockchain Are Influencing Geopolitics

Use Case The world is a constantly changing place — and from an economic standpoint, things are dramatically shifting, too. Two major superpowers, the United States and China, are embroiled in a dramatic trade war where tit-for-tat tariffs have been placed on goods — breeding uncertainty for consu..

What Role Should Central Banks Have Launching Stablecoins Like Libra?

Use Case Ever since the vision for a Libra stablecoin was unveiled in its white paper back in June, Facebook has suffered a startling backlash from countries around the world. Some American politicians have claimed the digital currency has the potential to be more dangerous than 9/11. Lawmakers ov..

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