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Bitcoin Billionaire Brock Pierce Endorsing Potential “Crypto Scam” EXW Wallet

Crypto proponents are criticizing Bitcoin billionaire and venture capitalist Brock Pierce for endorsing a potential crypto scam run by EXW Wallet. Despite several warnings regarding fraudulent virtual currency schemes, naive investors are still falling victim to elaborate crypto scams sometimes pro..

Fraudsters Create Bitcoin Scam Using Ex-Singapore Prime Minister

Singapore’s financial watchdog recently released a publication, alerting the public about a a suspected bitcoin scam parading false statements made by an ex-Prime Minister. Authorities say the alleged fraudsters used fake statements published on a phony website to steal funds from unsuspecting victi..

Fraudsters Impersonate U.K. Financial Watchdog Promoting Bitcoin Scam

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the latest target for Bitcoin fraudsters. According to a report by the FT Adviser, the con artists impersonated the FCA in a scam email to recipients, with bogus cryptocurrency rewards. Issues of impersonating regulatory bodies or known personalities for bit..

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