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Global Regulators Haven’t Properly Addressed Stablecoins

News Facebook’s plans to launch its cryptocurrency Libra this year has more than a few agencies in the European Union and the United States wondering what to do. While government bodies around the world are working to better understand crypto, regulations and laws pertaining to stablecoins aren’t ..

IOTA Urges Trinity Wallet Users to Use Seed Migration Tool

News Responsible for one of the top performing cryptocurrencies, IOTA is continuing to release new information in response to a Feb.12 hack on its official wallet. According to a Feb. 19 status update, the IOTA Foundation strongly recommends users of the Trinity Wallet to immediately change their..

The Future of Crypto: The Latest Cryptography Advances Set to Change Blockchain

In depth Cryptocurrencies could not exist without cryptography. Advances in this field can have far-reaching impacts on blockchain technology and its potential. We will examine the opinions of industry experts on the latest cryptographic advances and their potential for cryptocurrencies. Zero know..

Tax and KYC Issues Plague Upbit’s Foreign Withdrawals, Exchange Says

News A Jinse report said that many Chinese Upbit users are finding it difficult to withdraw Korean Won ever since December. Upbit has announced to its foreign users the reasons their withdrawals are still restricted on Feb. 19 in an announcement. Upbit said in the announcement that (Know Your Cus..

Top Cryptocurrencies Are Exponentially More Liquid Than Ever Before

Analysis With increasing speculation in the crypto community that cryptocurrency markets are on the cusp of the next major bull season, it can be easy to lose sight of the maturation that the crypto ecosystem has undergone to get to the present moment. When comparing the current crypto markets aga..

Crypto Accused of Facilitating Illegal Gambling — What Are the Odds?

Analysis Last week, a report claimed that cryptocurrency-based illegal gambling has surged in many parts of Asia owing to the rise of this novel asset class in recent years. In this regard, the article further added that over the course of the last five years or so, betting amounts have become sub..

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Says Bitcoin Halving Not Priced In Yet

News Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of major crypto exchange Binance, suggested that Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has not yet adapted to the upcoming block reward halving. Zhao suggested that Bitcoin’s price will see more upwards movement in the future during an interview on Feb. 20. The CEO explai..

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Tells Banks That ‘Crypto Is Not a Bad Word’

News Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s mission is to demolish bankers’ fear of cryptocurrencies and get them on board with the new asset class. During a recent interview with CNN, Garlinghouse explained that “once regulators understand you're not circumventing regulatory frameworks they get very..

Dutch Authorities Arrest Two Men for Alleged Crypto Money Laundering

News The Dutch Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) has arrested two men for allegedly laundering money with cryptocurrencies. According to a statement released by the International Revenue Service on Feb. 18, the two men were arrested on Feb. 17 in connection to two separate crimi..

EU Can’t Decide What to do with Libra

News Governments around the world are facing hard choices when it comes to cryptocurrency: overregulate it and risk losing the benefits to the economy, or do nothing and make themselves vulnerable to those who step up. Currently, the European Union can’t figure out what to do about Libra, the digi..

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