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India Not Alone in Libra Crypto Aversion, Says Finance Minister

India remains one of the more hostile countries when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Facebook’s proposed Libra crypto hasn’t been exempted from this crypto aversion. However, authorities in New Delhi aren’t the only ones wary of Libra. In fact, since the project’s white paper was published, there has..

IRS Publishes Crypto Taxation Guidelines: Hard Forks & Airdrops Issues

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has updated its crypto taxation guidelines five years after the first publication on virtual currency taxation. This time around, the U.S. tax agency included guidelines on hard forks and airdrops. With the new guideline comes reactions from different people ..

UK Regulators Move to Ban Cryptocurrency Derivatives

Financial regulators in the U.K. are reportedly looking to outlaw cryptocurrency derivatives over perceived risks to retail investors. This move comes as the market continues to gain even more prominence against the traditional crypto spot trading. While several financial watchdogs in different jur..

David Marcus: Libra Launch Will Happen Next Year Regardless of Regulatory Scrutiny

Libra co-creator David Marcus is confident that Facebook’s digital currency will launch in 2020 despite mounting regulatory pressure from jurisdictions around the world. The Libra chief also sees adoption as a much larger concern for the cryptocurrency project than whether authorities are happy with..

Australian Authorities Indict Cryptocurrency Crime Syndicate

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) together with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) recently announced the crackdown of a group of fraudsters who specialized in identity theft. Per a press release, the syndicate moved the stolen funds back from abroad into Australia using c..

Crypto Exchange OKEx Delists Privacy Coins Over FATF Travel Rule

OKEx Korea, the South Korean branch of the popular crypto trading platform has announced the removal of five privacy-focused cryptocurrencies from its trading catalog. The exchange becomes the latest to no longer offer crypto trading pairs that include a high-anonymity coin. The news also signals a..

Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea at Risk of Bankruptcy Amid Declining Trading Volume

As many as 97% of all cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea could go out of business following declining trading activities. Reports indicate that blockchain and crypto projects prefer to list their tokens on platforms outside the country blaming the increasingly restrictive nature of the virtual..

Zambia SEC: Warns Against ICO Promising HYIP-Style 1000% ROI

The Zambian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned the general public to desist from investing in an initial coin offering (ICO) promoted by a suspicious company. According to a report by The Lusaka Times, the company was not registered with the country’s regulatory body and was theref..

Ex-Japanese Central Bank Executive: Libra Can Destabilize Monetary Policy

A former executive of Japan’s central bank recently sounded a note of warning to central banks globally. Based on a report by Reuters, the ex-banker stated that Facebook’s cryptocurrency could threaten the power held by central banks over their various monetary policies. Libra has not had rosy days..

Libra Cryptocurrency Project May Never Go Live, Warns Facebook

The hierarchy at Facebook is reportedly alive to the possibility that its flagship cryptocurrency project, Libra, may not get off the ground. Financial regulators and government authorities in multiple jurisdictions have expressed concerns over the possible launch of the digital currency. Some comm..

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