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Zambia SEC: Warns Against ICO Promising HYIP-Style 1000% ROI

The Zambian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned the general public to desist from investing in an initial coin offering (ICO) promoted by a suspicious company. According to a report by The Lusaka Times, the company was not registered with the country’s regulatory body and was theref..

Ex-Japanese Central Bank Executive: Libra Can Destabilize Monetary Policy

A former executive of Japan’s central bank recently sounded a note of warning to central banks globally. Based on a report by Reuters, the ex-banker stated that Facebook’s cryptocurrency could threaten the power held by central banks over their various monetary policies. Libra has not had rosy days..

Libra Cryptocurrency Project May Never Go Live, Warns Facebook

The hierarchy at Facebook is reportedly alive to the possibility that its flagship cryptocurrency project, Libra, may not get off the ground. Financial regulators and government authorities in multiple jurisdictions have expressed concerns over the possible launch of the digital currency. Some comm..

Ripple Execs to Congress: We Need Laws that Protect Cryptocurrency in America

Ripple executives have appealed to lawmakers in the U.S. to make careful considerations while creating a regulatory paradigm for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in America. Since the emergence of Facebook’s Libra project and concerns of money laundering, there have been concerns over negat..

Russia: Crypto Won’t Receive Money Status Anytime Soon

Russia won’t officially legalize digital currencies in the near future, according to the conclusions of the participants of a “round table” dedicated to crypto regulation. Issuance of Anything Besides Ruble is Still Illegal On Thursday, July 25, a panel of Russian officials and experts discussed th..

U.S Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: New Cryptocurrency Regulations Coming

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says regulatory agencies in the country will have to work together to create new cryptocurrency laws. Crypto-businesses in the country say the patchwork of state and federal laws create a confusing and contradictory environment that stifles digital innovation. ..

Switzerland Data Privacy Agency Still Awaits Response From Libra Team

The Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) recently stated that it was yet to get a response from Facebook, regarding the company’s plan for its cryptocurrency, Libra. According to the FDPIC, more information was needed to determine its advisory and supervisory role in F..

Reserve Bank of India is Reportedly Behind the Push to Ban Bitcoin

There are reports that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is behind the call to completely ban bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in India. This revelation comes amid the recommendation by the government instituted committee tasked with evaluating crypto regulations in the country calling for a blanket proh..

Circle Moves Poloniex Crypto Exchange to Bermuda for Non-US Customers

Goldman Sachs-backed Circle has moved Poloniex to Bermuda obtaining a digital asset license from the government. The move comes following increasing frustration with restrictive U.S. cryptocurrency laws. Poloniex will reportedly continue its geofencing of U.S. customers from particular cryptocurren..

Iran Set to Create Special Electricity Tariffs for Bitcoin Mining

The Iranian government has come with a specialized electricity tariff pricing plan for bitcoin mining activities in the country. This solution likely solves the developing issue between crypto miners and Iranian authorities following the recent increase in mining activities in the country. The move..

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