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Microsoft Revives Nonfungible Tokens, Sparks Industry’s Imagination

Analysis Ever since the game CryptoKitties was released in November 2017, the concept of nonfungible token has been ingrained in the minds of developers and investors in the crypto community. However, 2019 has been the year that NFTs have gained mainstream attention. And it should come as no surpr..

Ethereum’s Hearthstone Rival Sets Volume Record After Blizzard Scandal

News Ethereum (ETH) based trading card game Gods Unchained has far outstripped CryptoKitties by volume after a censorship scandal involving game-developer Blizzard. As blockchain research platform Coin Metrics noted on Nov. 12, the past month has seen activity explode for the game, with interest d..

Flow: CryptoKitties Creators Announce a New Blockchain for DApps

The creators of the popular Ethereum dApp CryptoKitties are making their very own blockchain. Dubbed Flow, the platform was announced last week by Dapper Labs, which is best known for creating cryptoeconomy games like NBA Top Shot and Cheeze Wizards.On the project’s announcement, the Dapper Labs..

Warner Music to Build Token on New Blockchain by CryptoKitties Creator

News Global media giant Warner Music Group will be creating digital assets using new public blockchain backed by CryptoKitties creator. Warner Music’s to create assets on FlowAccording to a Forbes report on Sept. 12, Warner Music has joined an $11.2 million investment in CryptoKitties creator Dapp..

Samsung Adds Bitcoin Support to Its Blockchain Keystore

On August 13, Samsung, the South Korean multinational conglomerate, published the company’s new Blockchain Keystore SDK for developers and the latest release supports Bitcoin Core (BTC). The version follows Samsung’s previous Keystore release which only supported ETH and the ERC20 standard. Also Re..

NBA Partners With Firm Behind CryptoKitties for Crypto Collectible Game

News The United States National Basketball Association (NBA) and its affiliated union — the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) — have partnered with Dapper Labs of CryptoKitties-fame to release a new crypto collectibles game. According to an official announcement on the NBPA website, t..

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