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Smokescreens and Mirrors: How Does a Country Do an ICO? They Call It QE

Financial regulators all around the world have been cracking down hard on ICOs for promising more than they can deliver. At the same time governments and central banks are pulling off far worse scams, such as QE, wiping out the savings of everyone that depends on them. To hide this fact they use obs..

Germany’s Central Bank: Gov’ts Should Be Neutral on FB’s Libra

News Potential benefits of Facebook’s Libra should be made possible despite the existing regulatory uncertainty and associated risks, Germany's central bank said. In a monthly bulletin called “Crypto tokens in payment transactions and in securities settlement” released on July 22, the Bundesb..

Bundesbank Head Says Don’t Suppress ‘Innovative Concepts’ Like Libra

News The head of Germany's central bank Jens Weidmann spoke in favor of Facebook’s Libra during a recent G7 event. Bundesbank head warns against suppressing innovationWeidmann, Bundesbank President and the Governing Council member of the European Central Bank, argued that global regulators sh..

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