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Ethereum 2.0 Validators to Earn up to 10% Annually for Staking: Report

News Ethereum 2.0 validators can expect to earn from 4.6% to 10.3% as rewards for staking on an annual basis, a senior ConsenSys exec says. 32 ETH required to become a validatorCollin Myers, head of global product strategy at blockchain firm ConsenSys, reportedly claimed that in order to become a ..

Crypto and Blockchain News From Japan: Oct. 7–13 in Review

News Japan, the second-largest source of traffic for global crypto exchanges to date, witnessed a number of industry announcements this week as the country hosted the major blockchain event Devcon 5 from Oct. 8 to Oct. 11. Organized on an annual basis by the Ethereum Foundation, the recent Devcon ..

Kon’nichiwa! Ethereum Devcon 5 Festivities Begin in Japan

Hosted by the Ethereum Foundation (EF) with support from dozens of cryptocurrency ecosystem stakeholders, this year’s Devcon convention — where Ethereum’s best and brightest meet annually to foster innovation — is officially a-go. Held in Osaka, Japan, the fifth installment of the conference opened..

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