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ECB Says It’s Ramping Up Crypto Surveillance to Include Off-Chain Data

News The European Central Bank (ECB) says the “central banking community” will refine its monitoring of cryptocurrency transactions, both on- and off-chain. In an Aug. 7 report entitled “Understanding the crypto-asset phenomenon, its risks and measurement issues,” the ECB argues that “closing the ..

ECB Money Printing Is ‘Rocket Fuel’ for Bitcoin Price, Says Pompliano

News Morgan Creek Digital Assets co-founder Anthony Pompliano says the European Central Bank (ECB)’s expected dovish turn will be “rocket fuel” for Bitcoin. In a tweet posted on July 26, Pompliano commented on a fresh Bloomberg article investigating the ECB’s imminent policy moves — potentially in..

Most Germans Skeptical About Facebook’s Libra, Only 12% Welcome It

News About 71% of German citizens are skeptical about Facebook’s Libra stablecoin, while only 12% welcome it, according to a survey published by German financial association Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende on July 23. Most Germans already have an opinionNotably, the survey also showed that almost every..

US, EU and Japan Could Trigger ‘Cold Currency War’ by Debasing Fiat

The world’s major central banks are waging war to determine who can make their respective fiat currency weaker. With the likelihood of even more money printing and negative interest rates ahead, people need to be ready to see the value of their money evaporate and the price of everything else go up...

ECB Exec Asserts: Libra Can’t Launch Until Regulators are Happy

The experiment that is Libra has just stumbled across yet another roadblock. A board member of one of the most powerful fiscal authorities on Earth, the European Central Bank (ECB), tells reporters of Reuters that the Facebook-backed cryptocurrency will not — can not, rather — come to market until ..

European Central Bank Policymaker Says Stablecoins Not Cause for Alarm

News A European Central Bank (ECB) official has stated that users should be aware of the risks associated with the stablecoins use, but not to be alarmed. As Reuters reported on July 18, member of the ECB’s governing council and president of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann said that stablec..

Trump Vs. Bitcoin, Japanese Exchange Hacked | Coffee and Crypto

Coffee & Crypto In the premiere episode of the new Cointelegraph series “Coffee and Crypto,” head of editorial Olivia Capozzalo and head of news Molly Jane Zuckerman discussed the latest news in the cryptocurrency industry. Latest news in the cryptocurrency industryIn the video, Capozzalo and Zuck..

How 10 Countries Respond to Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

A growing number of governments have responded to Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans including China, France, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, the U.K., and the U.S. Several intergovernmental organizations have also weighed in such as the European Central Bank and the Bank of Int..

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