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Blockchain-Based Shopify Plugin Ensures Consumers Receive Authentic Products

News A San Francisco-based startup called “Real Items Foundation” is beta testing a Shopify plugin to ensure that authentic items are being sold to online shoppers. The plugin –- powered by a combination of blockchain technology and a cloud-based application called “TAM” –- enables brands to gene..

Electra Pilots Blockchain-Based Financial Management System – Can It Compete?

News Electra (ECA), the open-source Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain project focused on digital payments, will begin beta testing its flagship product this month. Known as “ElectraPay,” the product functions as a financial management system that will let merchants adopt a cryptocurrency payment me..

Scalability on Blockchain: Is There a Solution?

Use CaseIt’s one of the biggest challenges facing blockchain and crypto — a hurdle only the industry can solve. Without a solution, even CEOs from major global exchanges fear that mass adoption will never be achievable. Scalability is the long-running thorn in the side of this fledgling technolog..

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