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Two More US Jurisdictions Launch Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting

News Two state counties in the United States are implementing blockchain-based mobile voting in the special elections in November. On Oct. 18, the nonprofit Tusk Philanthropies announced its partnership with Jackson and Umatilla Counties in Oregon to pilot the mobile elections platform Voatz. The ..

Student May Have Tried to Hack West Virginia’s Blockchain Voting App

News The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating whether a student at the University of Michigan attempted to hack the West Virginia’s voting app. “Not one single vote was changed” On Oct. 5, according to CNN, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia, Mi..

27-Year-Old Pelosi Challenger Accepts Cryptocurrency Campaign Donations

News A candidate for the United States House of Representatives in 2020 is accepting cryptocurrency donations to run against Representative and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Supporting economic freedom with cryptoAgatha Bacelar, a Stanford engineer and designer who served with Emerson Collect..

First Ever Bitcoin PAC Launches Politicoin ICO to Support Candidates

News BitPAC, the first ever Bitcoin (BTC) political action committee (PAC), will expand its candidate supporting program with an initial coin offering (ICO), Coindesk reports on Aug. 28. Utility token, not a thing of valueDan Backer, who founded BitPAC back in 2014, revealed that the committee wil..

Bitcoin Advocate Becomes ‘Nobody’ to Run for New Hampshire Town Mayor

News A Bitcoin advocate who has changed his name to “Nobody” was first in line to file his candidacy for Mayor of Keene on Aug. 21. The town in the state of New Hampshire, United States, has been dubbed Crypto-Mecca for its positive attitude towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. “Nobody” tells the t..

The Next Big Financial Meltdown Is Around the Corner, Many Voices Warn

“The economy is looking great,” how many times have they told you that? And why do you usually hear it when you are late on a mortgage payment or during a downsizing purge at your company? Relying on your senses is always a safer bet than trusting the wishful thinking of those who invested political..

Andrew Yang’s PAC Accepting Donations in BTC Via Lightning Network

News A new political action committee (PAC) supporting presidential candidate Andrew Yang is allowing donations in Bitcoin (BTC) via Lightning Network. The PAC, named Humanity Forward Fund (Humanity FWD), rolled out its Bitcoin-powered fundraising program, named “21 Days of Bitcoin for the 21st Ce..

US Elections Regulator Gives Tentative Go-Ahead to Campaign Token

News The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has tentatively approved an ERC-20 token issued by Omar Reyes to use in an incentives program for his congressional campaign. The FEC reviewed the coin project in a draft advisory opinion on July 5. According to the draft letter, the FEC believes Reyes is..

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