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Iran Offers Bounty for Illicit Cryptocurrency Mining Operations

News Iranian authorities are offering a bounty to anyone who exposes unauthorized mining operations in the country, Iranian news outlet PressTV reports on Nov. 13. A spokesman of the Energy Ministry announced the bounty program during an interview with local news outlet IRIB News, while illustrati..

Power Ledger Completes Peer-to-Peer Solar Energy Trading Trial in India

News Australian blockchain energy firm Power Ledger and Indian electricity distribution company BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) have completed a peer-to-peer (P2P) solar power trading trial in the country. Power Ledger announced the news in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Nov. 14, ..

“Run Green Finance on Blockchain,” Encourages Chief FinTech Officer of Singapore’s Monetary Authority

BlockShow Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, spoke at BlockShow Asia 2019 about the importance of blockchain for the economy, highlighting its indispensability for the development of green finance. Mohanty defined green finance as follows: “How to monit..

C++ Creator Laments C++ Use in Bitcoin Mining Operation

News Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist and the creator of C++ programming language, has vented his frustration with use of C++ in Bitcoin (BTC) mining. Stroustrup made his remarks during an interview for Lex Friedman’s podcast released on Nov. 7. Speaking with Friedman, Stroustrup pro..

The Power in Energy, and How New Technologies Can Shift It

Opinion The world is slowly, but very surely, turning its attention to climate change, and to the human activities that are having the largest impact. The recent U.N. General Assembly on Climate Change broached these topics in detail, looking at how politics, economy and human activity need to cha..

Power Ledger Strikes Deal to Roll Out Blockchain in South Australia

News Australian blockchain energy firm Power Ledger has partnered with a local energy retailer to roll out its technology in South Australia. Power Ledger’s blockchain-based software will allow Australians to pool their excess solar and battery storage to a Virtual Power Plant for greater control ..

Ford Uses Blockchain Tech to Track ‘Green Miles’ Driven By Vehicles

News The Ford Motor Company is looking into blockchain technology and geofencing to accurately track the number of “green miles” driven by its energy-efficient vehicles. Analyzing real-world benefits of energy-efficient vehiclesOn Oct. 15, Ford announced that it is expanding its European plug-in h..

Japan’s Kanto Region to Track Surplus Solar Energy with Power Ledger

News Australian tech firm Power Ledger will run another blockchain-enabled energy trading trial in Japan’s Kanto region by December 2019. In order to launch its second trial in Japan, Power Ledger teamed up with Japanese solar provider Sharing Energy and electricity retailer eRex, the firm stated ..

Government of Uzbekistan Triples Tax on Electricity for Crypto Miners

News The government of the Republic of Uzbekistan has ordered a 300% increase on electricity tariffs for cryptocurrency miners. According to a Sept. 27 announcement, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan has decreed that cryptocurrency miners must pay three times more the existing..

Kyrgyzstan Cuts Off Power to 45 Crypto Miners for Overconsumption

News Authorities of Kyrgyzstan cut off power to 45 crypto mining firms as they consumed more energy than three local regions combined. Following the power cut, the head of the National Energy Holding Aitmamat Nazarov stated that the cryptocurrency mining is not defined under Kyrgyzstan law, local ..

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