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Ontario Securities Watchdog Settles With CoinLaunch, Pending Approval

News The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has reached a settlement agreement with the crypto firm CoinLaunch Corp as of July 22. According to an announcement by the OSC, there will be a public settlement hearing on July 24 to determine whether the agreement is in the public’s interest. As per t..

US Elections Regulator Gives Tentative Go-Ahead to Campaign Token

News The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has tentatively approved an ERC-20 token issued by Omar Reyes to use in an incentives program for his congressional campaign. The FEC reviewed the coin project in a draft advisory opinion on July 5. According to the draft letter, the FEC believes Reyes is..

Binance to Switch Tether Addresses from Omni to ERC-20

News Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that it is switching from Omni-based addresses to ERC-20-based addresses in customer wallets for the stablecoin tether (USDT), according to an official announcement on July 3. In order to make the switch, Binance says that there is a 30-minu..

Future for State-Backed Brazilian Token Issuance Unclear as Bank Sees Leadership Reshuffle

Brazilian Development Bank elected interim president. What does it mean for the crypto development of the country?

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