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Foin Token Scheme Locks Up Investors’ Money and Pumps Price

Investigation On Dec. 15, news broke that cryptocurrency payments firm and wallet provider FoPay had acquired Estonia-based digital currency trading platform AliExchange for 1 million of its native Foin (FOIN) tokens. If one were to go by Foin’s apparent value at the time, that would make the deal..

Israeli Firm Behind DX.Exchange Goes Bankrupt Following Staff Petition

News The firm behind a purportedly Estonia-based cryptocurrency exchange DX.Exchange is ceasing operations following a petition filed by employees. CX Technologies, the Israeli company operating DX.Exchange, entered bankruptcy after 78 of its employees filed a petition against the company with an ..

China’s Dive Into Blockchain, Digital ID Spurs Rest of World to Action

Analysis News on crypto and blockchain technology is coming in abundance from China. This became especially true in late October 2019, when the Chinese President Xi Jinping called for accelerating the use of blockchain technology in the country. President Xi identified dozens of use cases that sho..

EU Members Adopt Tougher Crypto Rules Than AML Directive Requires

Europe is gradually tightening the rules for the crypto space. A wave of new regulations are introducing stricter requirements for companies operating in the industry and cryptocurrency users are going to feel the difference in the coming months. The measures stem from the obligation of member state..

Small Nations Are True Pioneers Of Cryptocurrency Regulation

Whilst cryptocurrency regulation presents a huge headache to certain countries, it presents a huge opportunity to others. But how can a single asset class produce such polarised responses? Could it simply be down to ‘state of mind’? Missing The Point On the eighth day, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitc..

PR: Folgory Launches Mobile App and Regulated Crypto Exchange

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. Crypto market trading pioneers Folgory launch fully int..

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