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πŸ’₯ ETH MERGE is here, but why NO CHANGE IN PRICE | What to expect from VasilHardfork | Cryptocurrency

#ethereum #ethmerge #bitcoin ETH is thru with it's Merge and has disappointed many investor who were very bullish for ETH pre and post Merge....

Ethereum Merge πŸ’₯ (What to do BEFORE & After! βœ…πŸ‘€) BEWARE Replay Attacks? ⚠️😱

⭐ πŸ” Ledger β–Ί Ethereum Merge Special!! βœ”οΈ 20% OFF plus FREE Shipping!! (Limited time) βœ”οΈ Ledger β€œMerge Pack” (Nano X + Billfodl) βœ”οΈ Connect your ETH...

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