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Ether Up: New Record Set for Total Value (in ETH) Locked in DeFi

Signals of growth continue to light the way forward for the Ethereum ecosystem, with the latest being a newly established record for the total value locked in decentralized finance projects when that value is denominated in ether (ETH). That’s per tracker site DeFi Pulse, whose “Total Value Locked ..

CFTC Head: Like Bitcoin, Ether (ETH) Cryptocurrency Is a Commodity

Cryptocurrency users currently face a regulatory thicket in the U.S., as a handful of the nation’s top federal agencies have differing legal interpretations as to what these new assets are. Any clarifications offered by these watchdogs accordingly generate buzz in America’s nook of the cryptoeconom..

Weekend Ethereum (ETH) Flash Crash: Manipulation or Just a Large Sell?

On Sunday, July 14th, the ether price crashed from $266 USD to $245 in less than an hour and then lower yet to $214 as the day progressed. Some cryptoverse stakeholders quickly pointed to a 15,000 ether sell order on Luxembourg-based exchange Bitstamp as the cause of the ETH flash crash throughout ..

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