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Crypto News From Japan: Jan. 13-17 in Review

Local News This week’s news from Japan included additional comments against crypto trading from China, Binance’s potential involvement in Japan, positivity from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), more crypto exits from European Union (EU) regions, and stablecoin positivity from France. Check o..

New EU AML Compliance Laws Could Disrupt the Crypto Industry

Analysis On Jan. 10, the European Union’s 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), was officially signed into law. The legislation will give sweeping powers to compliance organizations and law authorities. However, aside from tracking dirty money to offshore paradises, the law brings about a s..

Lawmakers Finally Took Data Privacy Seriously — 2019 Regulatory Roundup

New Year Special Data privacy has long been seen as one of the major non-monetary usages of blockchain technology. Many governments and corporations are already running recordkeeping systems based on distributed ledgers to securely store internal data. Tech enthusiasts believe that blockchain has ..

Traders Unsurprised by Deribit’s Move to Panama, Expect Further Exits

News Crypto traders see potential for other market platforms to exit after crypto derivatives exchange Deribit announced a move to Panama from its EU base in the Netherlands. "This is something they had hinted at in an interview months ago, and it’s something I fully expect we see more of going fo..

Deribit Leaving: European AML Law Continues To Hurt Crypto Businesses

Bitcoin was created by pseudonymous coder and cryptographer Satoshi Nakamoto as a seeming way to give individuals a chance to opt-out of the fiat, government system through decentralization. Altcoins, too, seemingly share a similar premise; Ethereum, for instance, has so-called decentralized financ..

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Leaves EU for Panama, Expands KYC

News Crypto derivatives exchange Deribit is leaving the European Union for Panama to avoid new AML rules while changing its Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Deribit B.V., the current Netherlands-based company responsible for the Deribit.com exchange, will officially delegate the trading pla..

ECB Policymaker Urges European Banks to Fight Libra & Private Cryptos

Jens Weidmann, president of Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany’s central bank) and policymaker for the European Central Bank (ECB) says banks in the region need to be wary of Libra and private crypto projects. Weidmann is the latest financial stakeholder in the European Union (EU) to call for banks to tak..

After BottlePay, Two More Crypto Firms Shut Down Due to Upcoming EU Rules

News After BottlePay’s shutdown announcement last week, two more European cryptocurrency firms have shut down because of the upcoming Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules in the European Union. Online crypto gaming platform ChopCoin and mining pool Simplecoin both announced that they are shutting dow..

European AML Regulations Follow the US Path With a Six-Years’ Delay

Opinion In January 2020, the regulatory landscape for crypto businesses will completely change in the European Union in comparison with the last decade — and these changes will touch all those who store clients’ crypto funds or provide fiat-to-crypto exchange services, at minimum. Not long ago, th..

EU Fights Corporatization of AI and Blockchain With Massive Investment

Expert Take The European Union's announcement of a new 110 million euro fund to support research on artificial intelligence and blockchain comes at a critical time for the AI industry, when issues at the intersection of privacy, security and AI are the focus of acute attention by government, ..

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