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Launch of Binance US Can Have Far-Reaching Effects on Crypto Market

Analysis From the outside looking in, the United States seems to present a host of amazing financial opportunities. However, when it comes to launching cryptocurrency exchanges or altcoin trading platforms, these possibilities start to dwindle and fade quite rapidly. In this regard, over the past..

Craig Wright Challenges Court Order Requiring Him to Pay 500K Bitcoin

News Self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (BTC) Craig Wright wants to challenge a recent court order requiring him to pay 500,000 Bitcoins to the Kleiman estate. Reinhardt did not have power to enter the order, Wright saysOn Aug. 30, Wright’s attorney Andres Rivero filed a document with the United S..

Venezuelan Government Accused of Using Bitcoin to Bypass US Sanctions

Nicolás Maduro and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela have been accused of circumventing financial blockades imposed by the U.S. government. According to local reports, Maduro’s regime evades sanctions with cryptocurrency alongside an airline application called Jetman Pay. Allegedly, Jetman Pay..

Kleiman v. Wright Case Update: Man From Belgium Tells Judge He Is Satoshi

News A new person has stepped forward and claimed to be Satoshi Nakomoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin (BTC). Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido made his claim in a letter filed with a federal courthouse in Florida on July 22. Guido addressed his letter to Judge Bruce Reinhart — the judge overseein..

US Elections Regulator Gives Tentative Go-Ahead to Campaign Token

News The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has tentatively approved an ERC-20 token issued by Omar Reyes to use in an incentives program for his congressional campaign. The FEC reviewed the coin project in a draft advisory opinion on July 5. According to the draft letter, the FEC believes Reyes is..

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