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Shaping The Future of A Rising Economy: How Blockchain is Gaining Credibility in India

Blockchain, a simple concept yet so complex and diverse in its use-cases is still in a nascent stage. Numerous countries have come to realize the immense potential of blockchain and are tapping into the unexplored areas of this disruptive technology. It has potential similar to that of the internet,..

Trading Cryptocurrencies: Three Basic Common Technical Indicators

Introduction Cryptocurrencies (or crypto) has been thrown in the limelight recently with Bitcoin’s meteoric rally this year, the cryptocurrency having risen for the fifth month straight since February 2019. Bitcoin most recently hit a high of US$13,775, before its price corrected to US$10,085 (as of..

Driving Cryptocurrency Adoption on the Ground: Lessons Learned from Dash in Thailand

Real life payments have been the number one use-case of cryptocurrencies. Yet, a decade after Bitcoin’s genesis, it’s still a long way to mass adoption on both sides of the scenario, for the customers and merchants. With local teams around the world, Dash has established crypto payment networks in v..

Top 10 Dapps on Ethereum

If you follow the news of Blockchain and Ethereum, you probably heard of CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties is an Ethereum Dapp where players can buy, sell and breed virtual kitties. Rare kitties can sell for more than 100,000 USD, and when the Dapp was launched in 2017, it got so popular that it clogged ..

Building Decentralized AI, Enabling Ownership

If you could hire an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered personal assistant to work with you exclusively, and it would become better at its job the more time it spent helping you, would you want that assistant to fully belong to you? Or would you prefer to rent that assistant from a company you kne..

Commerce 3.0: $100T Community Oriented, Owned and Operated (c3o) Economy

As an entrepreneur in the crypto space, I have unshakable belief that decentralization is a disruptive innovation. Blockchain enables an entirely new token-based business model that is intrinsically disruptive to the equity-based business model used by centralized platforms. By combining this busine..

The Evolution of Cryptocurrency Payments

On January 12, 2009, the first ever Bitcoin transaction between the still-elusive Satoshi Nakamoto and the late cryptocurrency pioneer Hal Finney was made. As Finney himself described in a forum post he made on March 2014, Nakamoto had sent him 10 Bitcoins to test out what was then a newly launched ..

Happy 6th Birthday! DATA Alliance, Block Explorers and more

Today we are celebrating our sixth anniversary at CoinMarketCap. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we are announcing several major initiatives that we’ve been working on for months: CoinMarketCap Data Accountability & Transparency AllianceCoinMarketCap Block ExplorersCoinMarketCap ShopCoinMar..

2019: Year of the DEX

Is the winter of cryptocurrency prices the golden age of blockchain technology? Welcome 2019, the year of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) From the CMC editorial team: We’ve heard lots of hype around DEXes billing 2019 as the year that they might take off. Why and how could that be? Find out more in ..

How blockchain will disrupt the communication industry

From the CMC editorial desk: One of the things we’ve always wanted to explore is what mass adoption of blockchain technology looks like. Here we have some examples of how it will change the face of the communication industry in multiple ways! Having seen the cryptocurrency market’s nosedive and the..

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