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Crypto is Illegal Ponzi: Says China’s President Xi Jinping

China’s President Xi Jinping has poured cold water on reports of growing crypto adoption in China by calling virtual currencies vehicles for criminal behavior. Jinping’s comments offer another example that Beijing’s growing blockchain utility will not extend towards public crypto projects. Meanwhil..

‘No More FUD’: Charlie Lee to Crypto Community on Litecoin Birthday

The world’s sixth largest crypto asset had a birthday over the weekend. On October 7 2011, Litecoin was released via an open-source client on GitHub, the LTC network went live a few days later on October 13. It is now eight years old and has outlasted countless other crypto assets yet still receives..

Coinbase Data: Bitcoin Whales Are Buying the Dip Right Now

The fear, uncertainty and doubt is palpable today on bitcoin markets. It shouldn’t be as these large swings are nothing new and will happen time and time again. Yet still the panic ensues as traders quickly liquidate positions for fears of further losses. But are the whales doing the opposite? Bitc..

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