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Win BCH with Bitcoin.com’s Cash Games Stars Leaderboard

There’s a new promotion happening for Bitcoin.com Cash Games, with new winners each week, and first place taking home $200 in bitcoin cash. It can be said that crypto and gaming are made for each other, thanks to low fees, easy access, and privacy. Now things just got even better, with the new Cash ..

Mike Tyson: ‘I Am Not Involved With Fight to Fame or Their Countdown Website’

News Disclaimer: This story is a follow-up to a piece published by Cointelegraph Aug. 13, which appears to be based on flawed sources and which should consequently be considered incorrect. American legendary professional boxer Mike Tyson has denied news putting forward his support for a blockchain..

American Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Chooses Blockchain for New Venture

News Iconic American boxer Mike Tyson is spearheading a new blockchain-powered cross-entertainment platform for a new generation of fighters. On Aug. 13, VentureBeat reported that the new venture — dubbed “Fight to Fame” — will use blockchain technology to underpin a new, multi-pronged platform th..

Developers Reveal Sandbox Video Game Powered by Bitcoin Cash

On August 7, developers from the team Block Hop announced a new sandbox game powered by the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. The gaming software called Realmx is a “next-generation” game that uses blockchain technology, extensible crafted items, and online gaming to create unique experiences and gamep..

Animoca and Harmony Acquire Quidd to Expand Sale of Crypto Collectibles

News Blockchain gaming startup Animoca has partnered with the blockchain network Harmony to jointly acquire the digital collectible startup Quidd, with the intent of using its services to build a new ecosystem for crypto collectibles. Harmony shared news of the development with Cointelegraph via a..

Buterin Supports BTC-ETH Mix, as Future of Crypto Is ‘Pluralist’

News Ethereum co-founder said that the future of crypto is pluralist in response to a recent proposal of mixing Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network (LN) with Ethereum. Blockade Games using Bitcoin LN as an interface for Ethereum contractsOn July 31, blockchain-focused game developer Blockade Games pos..

NBA Partners With Firm Behind CryptoKitties for Crypto Collectible Game

News The United States National Basketball Association (NBA) and its affiliated union — the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) — have partnered with Dapper Labs of CryptoKitties-fame to release a new crypto collectibles game. According to an official announcement on the NBPA website, t..

US SEC Gives Crypto Gaming Firm the Go-Ahead on ‘Quarters’ Token

News The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has cleared a crypto gaming company to issue blockchain tokens without registration, deeming the tokens to not be securities. The SEC published its determination on July 25 via the commission’s website, as a reply to an apparent inqui..

Blockchain Gaming Platform Refereum Brings Crypto Payouts to PUBG

News United States blockchain-based rewards and marketing company Refereum has announced a partnership with a South Korean online games developer and publisher to expand its in-game rewards scheme. 8 million players to gain access to tokensIn a press release shared with Cointelegraph and subseque..

Blockchain Platform Enables Trading of Digital Assets in Mobile Games

Sponsored A blockchain mobile gaming platform says it allows players to get the “true ownership” of their digital assets and enables “secure trading” with other users. Itam Games has created an ecosystem, which includes a store and exchange, in which users can trade their in-game digital assets —..

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