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Another Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Appears in the High Profile Bitcoin Lawsuit

A new filing has been submitted to the ongoing Kleiman v. Wright case stemming from a man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The man, named Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido, has sent handwritten testimony to the Southern District of Florida courthouse asserting that he is the “genuine and only originator/c..

Bitcoin Block Size, Explained

Bitcoin Block Size, Explained Samuel Haig 2 HOURS AGO 0 Total views 1. What are blocks? 2. Why does block size matter? 3. Why increase the block size? 4. What was BIP101? 5. Which block size increase proposals garnered community support? 6. What is SegWit? 7. Why did Bitcoin fork and split? 1. What ..

South African Payment Gateway Drops BTC Over Fees and Network Congestion

On July 12, South African payment gateway service Payfast announced the company is dropping bitcoin core (BTC) payments due to network congestion and high fees. Payfast emphasized that BTC has a number of limitations and design flaws which makes it an “impractical substitute for cash.” Also read: G..

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