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Telegram Asks U.S. Court to Make SEC Back Off the Gram Token

Encrypted messenger company Telegram’s fight with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission is heating up. The legal battle began last month when the SEC won a restraining order against the company’s $1.7 billion USD “Gram” token offering after arguing in the the U.S. District Court for the Southern ..

Telegram Asks Court to Dismiss SEC Lawsuit Against Gram Cryptocurrency

News Encrypted messaging service Telegram has asked the New York Southern District Court to throw out accusations by United States regulators that its in-house cryptocurrency is a security. In a fresh filing on Nov. 12, Telegram’s lawyers did not mince their words as they accused the U.S. Securiti..

Upon New SEC Heat, Telegram Pivots on Gram Token Offering

When the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission finds American investors are or might be jeopardized by unregistered securities offerings, it springs into action. Now, encrypted messenger company Telegram is doing some springing itself after being put on its back foot by an emergency restraining order..

Bug Bounties in Crypto — the Best Way to Ensure Platform Safety?

Analysis Crypto companies often find out the hard way that hackers know their security systems better than they do. As hacks in the crypto world can and often do result in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tokens being stolen, the fate of a company’s future can often ride on its security me..

Rise of the Gram: Telegram Cryptocurrency May Rollout Within Weeks

Popular encrypted messaging app Telegram is reportedly on the verge of publicly unveiling its planned cryptocurrency token, the Gram. According to a trio of Telegram investors who have spoken with The New York Times, the instant messenger company is aiming to release the first waves of Gram tokens ..

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