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Institutions in Crypto: Fidelity Bags License & Grayscale Reports to SEC

Tuesday was a great day for fans of the idea that the cryptocurrency market needs institutional players to succeed. On that day, yesterday, two large players in the Bitcoin space focusing on institutional adoption revealed that they would be targeting a larger swath of clients, which many investors..

Grayscale is Seeing Mass Institutional Interest in Bitcoin

The numbers are in: Grayscale, a top cryptocurrency investment services provider, continues to see overwhelming interest from retail investors and institutions for Bitcoin. In fact, over the course of the third quarter, the New York-based firm, which provides investors with safe Bitcoin and altcoin..

FINRA Approves Grayscale’s Public Quote for Crypto Fund Shares

News New York-based digital asset management fund Grayscale Investments has received regulatory approval to publicly quote the shares of its diversified cryptocurrency fund. First publicly-quoted diversified crypto fundGrayscale was approved by the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Autho..

Grayscale Sees Continued Bitcoin Demand From Institutions

Bitcoin has long been described as a movement to phase out institutions. But ironically, it is institutions that many cryptocurrency investors have claimed to rely on to boost Bitcoin to fresh all-time highs. And while it is believed that institutions have yet to allocate significant levels of fina..

Research Reports Show Positive Crypto Industry Growth in H1 2019

More than half the year is behind us and the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to move forward, showing relentless growth over the last six months. 2019 has also seen a new theme arise as speculators believe the cryptocurrency ecosystem is experiencing an influx of institutional interest and regula..

Market Outlook: Crypto Prices Consolidate as Economic Uncertainty Looms

Digital currency markets have been meandering sideways for a few days as most of the top crypto prices have been consolidating. Some traders believe there will be a big bullish rise after the current slump, while others think crypto prices may sink even lower. Amidst the crypto market uncertainty, e..

Grayscale Finds 36% of American Adults Are Interested in Buying Bitcoin

As the price of Bitcoin has rebounded, so has investor interest in the cryptocurrency asset class. Recent surveys have confirmed that while not many common Joes and Jills own cryptocurrencies today, there continues to be rising demand, boding rather well for the industry’s long-term prospects.Gr..

Trillions of Dollars Could Flow into Bitcoin Over Next 25 Years, Grayscale

With the ‘gold-loving’ baby boomer generation set to retire; trillions of dollars could potentially flow into bitcoin — the emerging favorite among millennial investors. Twilight Dawns for Baby Boomer Generation Speaking during the 2019 Mid-Year Review Webinar, Barry Silbert, CEO of Grayscale highl..

Latest Grayscale Report Shows Institutional Bitcoin Investment On The Rise

Grayscale recently released its Digital Asset Investment Report for the second quarter of 2019. The company marks a notable increase in the investment into its products, the majority of which are coming from institutional players. Institutions Are Here According to the new Q2 report of Grayscale, ..

Crypto Firm Grayscale Sees Notable Institutional Inflows in Q2

One of the common critiques that cynics use to bash the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space is that this whole market is retail-driven. In 2017, this may have been the case. Then, Wall Street was still in the midst of learning about Bitcoin and its ilk and thus made no announcements on the matter. For..

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