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What is Multichain Ventures? Tools for Payments, Development & Supply Chain

The crypto payments space might be the next big area of development within the blockchain sector. Now that cryptos have become a form of international cash, platforms like Multichain Ventures are in a good position to use their existing technology to bring crypto payments to the masses. Multichain ..

What is Kronoverse? Blockchain-Based eSports Platform

Kronoverse is a company that is working on an innovative blockchain system for eSports. The eSports market is red hot, and becoming more popular all the time. Like most gaming, eSports is dominated by a few major companies that control the marketplace. If you want to use their platforms, you have to..

What is XAR Network? Framework for Decentralized Finance on Cosmos & Fantom

The XAR Network could be one of the tools that is used to create new financial systems all over the world. Instead of working as a single network, the XAR Network allows developers to create their own systems and also has an innovative staking model. According to XAR Network: “XAR Network public c..

What is Saga? SGA Stablecoin Backed by Basket of Fiat Currencies

Saga has a bold vision for the future of global commerce, and it has created a tool that may allow people everywhere to trade directly with each other. Unlike stablecoins, which rely on a single currency to maintain their value or tokens like Bitcoin which float freely, Saga has a novel solution. T..

Beginners Guide to Solana: The First Web-Scale Blockchain

Blockchain has a lot of potential. The first decade of decentralized token platforms has been successful by any measure. Solana is working to create solutions that will allow decentralized blockchains to become a global system that can replace existing major data systems. Solana has some innovative..

What is Chainlink? Guide to The Decentralized Oracle Network

Launched by the San Francisco fintech company SmartContract in June 2017, Chainlink is described by its developers as a secure blockchain middleware that intends to connect smart contracts across blockchains by allowing smart contracts to access key off-chain resources such as data feeds, web APIs, ..

What is QAN? Taking Blockchain Solutions to the Next Level

With legacy blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin still struggling to alleviate its flaws surrounding speed, scalability, and energy-efficient transaction validation – a gap in the market potentially exists. Estonia-based start-up QAN claims to have solved the aforementioned issues via its QANplatfor..

Web Hosting Companies Who Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

It is easy to forget that Bitcoin is a very useful currency in its own right. One area where Bitcoin is a perfect payment solution is web hosting. There are no shortage of top-tier web hosting companies who accept Bitcoin. Most offer a range of services, and some even offer a high level of anonymity..

Hodium: A Next-Gen Crypto Asset Investment Firm

The crypto world is growing quickly and Hodium is working to be a part of next-gen crypto investing. The company is registered in the UK and allows its clients to make a return on their crypto holdings every day. In addition to being savvy crypto investors, the team at Hodium is dedicated to the ad..

AdEx Network: Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising Ecosystem

If there’s one industry in particular that blockchain technology is likely to revolutionize, it’s the digital advertising space. For some time now, this multi-billion dollar arena has been in dire need of change. To name a few, this includes the resulting issues that occur when marketing companies ..

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