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What is Chainlink? Guide to The Decentralized Oracle Network

Launched by the San Francisco fintech company SmartContract in June 2017, Chainlink is described by its developers as a secure blockchain middleware that intends to connect smart contracts across blockchains by allowing smart contracts to access key off-chain resources such as data feeds, web APIs, ..

What is QAN? Taking Blockchain Solutions to the Next Level

With legacy blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin still struggling to alleviate its flaws surrounding speed, scalability, and energy-efficient transaction validation – a gap in the market potentially exists. Estonia-based start-up QAN claims to have solved the aforementioned issues via its QANplatfor..

Web Hosting Companies Who Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

It is easy to forget that Bitcoin is a very useful currency in its own right. One area where Bitcoin is a perfect payment solution is web hosting. There are no shortage of top-tier web hosting companies who accept Bitcoin. Most offer a range of services, and some even offer a high level of anonymity..

Hodium: A Next-Gen Crypto Asset Investment Firm

The crypto world is growing quickly and Hodium is working to be a part of next-gen crypto investing. The company is registered in the UK and allows its clients to make a return on their crypto holdings every day. In addition to being savvy crypto investors, the team at Hodium is dedicated to the ad..

AdEx Network: Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising Ecosystem

If there’s one industry in particular that blockchain technology is likely to revolutionize, it’s the digital advertising space. For some time now, this multi-billion dollar arena has been in dire need of change. To name a few, this includes the resulting issues that occur when marketing companies ..

Kind Ads: A Decentralized Advertising Platform for Advertisers & Publishers

If there’s one thing that bugs us all – it’s having to look at irrelevant ads that offer virtually no value with respect to our personal interests. On the flip side, this is also a pain-point for those involved in the advertisement space, not least because valuable resources are being wasted on irre..

CPI Tech: Whitelabel Blockchain Solutions for STOs, Exchanges & More

CPI Tech is a Germany based tech startup that specializes in a range of blockchain software-related products and services. This covers the company’s flagship white label cryptocurrency exchange platform for high-frequency trading, a point of sale payment protocol, blockchain development, campaign ma..

What is Velas (VLX)? Secure, Interoperable & Extremely Scalable Blockchain

The capabilities of blockchain technology appear to be getting stronger and stronger. While the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum are still limited to a capacity of just 7 and 15 transactions per second (t/ps), respectively, a number of alternative networks are now in the tens of thousands. One such ex..

Beginner’s Guide to Loom Network: Platform for Online Games and Social Apps

Loom Network calls itself a next-generation blockchain-based platform designed for large-scale social apps and online games. The team describes it as your favorite game or social media network but on the blockchain and built on Ethereum.The Loom Network makes it possible to create DAppChains and ..

What is Ren Project (REN)? Interoperability, Privacy, & Crypto Liquidity 

The concept of interoperability of blockchain networks has been likened to overcoming the standardized communication barrier that faced the early iteration of the Internet. Lauded as the solution that can provide more scalability, liquidity, and access to decentralized applications (dapps), interop..

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