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BBC Journalist Loses $30K ETH From Rookie Mistake

The world of crypto trading and investing can still be a minefield to the uninitiated. Stories of hacks and scams are still commonplace affecting both individuals and huge companies. Some sensible security precautions are necessary in this digital age as one BBC journalist found out the hard way. $..

A Clever Take on Bitcoin Wallet Security: The Vault & Its Potential Upside

Sometimes the simplest method for accomplishing something is the best way. With many technologically impressive advances and concepts for protecting crypto funds from the litany of hacks that plague the industry, mainly exchanges, one that has recently resurfaced is a particularly clever idea. Call..

Bitfinex Hack Bitcoin On The Move Again As 3-Year Dormant Period Ends

Bitcoin stolen from cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex in 2016 has returned to the spotlight as some of the funds move to an unknown wallet.$340,000 of Bitcoin Leaves Hack Wallet According to monitoring resource Whale Alert, which publishes details of major cryptocurrency transactions on Twitter, j..

Binance Exchange: Offers 25 Bitcoin for Info on Hacked KYC Blackmailer

This week, popular Malta-based cryptocurrency trading platform Binance informed its community about an unsuccessful extortion attempt that had been made against the exchange and said it was investigating the matter further. The revelation comes after the extorter had begun distributing know-your-cu..

UN: North Korea Accumulating Cryptocurrency For Weapons Programs

A recent report by the United Nations has revealed that North Korea has amassed billions of dollars for its weapons programs. The loot has been pilfered from cyber-attacks and cryptocurrency exchange hacks according to the confidential dossier. Cryptocurrency Exchanges Hacked According to Reuters, ..

Bitpoint Discloses A Further $2.3 Million Is Missing From Hack

Following the high profile hacking of Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Bitpoint, the company has announced another $2.3 million of cryptocurrency missing.The Icing On The Bitpoint Cake As if it wasn’t already bad enough to have had $32 million of cryptocurrency stolen by hackers, Bitpoint has ju..

Hacked: Bitpoint Exchange Loses $32 Million, Here’s What Went Down

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint has joined the long list of platforms that have lost millions to hackers. The exchange published a notice on its website, confirming “unauthorized outflow of virtual currency,” leading it to shut down operations pending the outcome of an internal investigati..

Hodler’s Digest, May 6–12: Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

Hodler’s Digest Top Stories This WeekHackers Withdraw 7,000 Bitcoins in Binance Crypto Exchange Security BreachBinance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by daily trade volume, experienced a security breach this week, losing a little over 7,000 bitcoins (BTC). CEO Changpeng Zhao stated a..

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