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UK Police Reports 562 Cases of Bitcoin-Related Blackmail Over Last Two Years

News United Kingdom police forces have received hundreds of blackmailing complaints since 2018, in which nefarious parties demanded Bitcoin (BTC). By tracking numbers from 2018 and 2019 across thirteen U.K. police teams, think tank Parliament Street found 562 reports of blackmailers demanding Bitc..

Argentinean Gov’t Blockchain Hacked to Spread Fake News on Coronavirus

News In the midst of the global emergency caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Argentine government confirmed on March 14 that they suffered a hack on the website of their official gazette (Boletin Official) based on blockchain technology, where false statements regarding the coronavirus were s..

Better Business Bureau: Crypto Scams Are The Second Riskiest in North America

News A report published by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) says that cryptocurrency-related scams are continually growing, becoming the second most risky of 2019 among North Americans. According to research from trust-gauging organization published on March 2nd, scams averaged about $3,000 in los..

Crex24 Exchange Accused of Hiding Hack From Customers

News Users are accusing Estonian cryptocurrency exchange, Crex24, of hiding the scale of a hack from its users after suspending trade for several altcoin pairings. Crex24’s members claim that the exchange has not given an explanation for its suspension of more than sixty altcoins. The exchange ha..

US Court says $250 Million Stolen from Unnamed Exchanges

News Cryptocurrency companies may constantly be trying to improve their usability and security, but when there’s a weakness for hackers to exploit, they go big or go home. According to court documents released by Seamus Hughes at Program on Extremism, the United States District Court for the Distr..

Bitcoin Ransomware Payments Gross $144 Million in Six Years

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently stated that the total amount that victims of bitcoin ransomware attacks paid in the last six years totaled $144 million. Per the FBI’s findings, the proceeds went to mixers, virtual currency exchanges, and, with most of the payments made in bitcoin...

Bitcoin Cash Faces ‘Slow Death’ After Alleged $30M Hack — Commentator

News Altcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has become the subject of intense speculation after a major investor claimed he lost $30 million in a wallet hack. In a now-deleted Reddit post from Feb. 22, the investor, who appears to be Dreamhost founder Josh Jones, said the attacker also stole 1,500 Bitcoin (B..

IOTA Urges Trinity Wallet Users to Use Seed Migration Tool

News Responsible for one of the top performing cryptocurrencies, IOTA is continuing to release new information in response to a Feb.12 hack on its official wallet. According to a Feb. 19 status update, the IOTA Foundation strongly recommends users of the Trinity Wallet to immediately change their..

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