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North Korea Denies Involvement in Massive Crypto Hacks

If you were to search up a satellite image of North Korea, you would find darkness. Unlike the nation just south of the border, North Korea is barren of lights, being subject to power outages caused by sanctions, resource mismanagement, and so on and so forth. Despite this, the hermit kingdom has b..

Cryptojacking Code Found in Eleven Open Libraries, Thousands Infected

News A Cryptojacking code was found in 11 open-source code libraries written in Ruby, which have been downloaded thousands of times. Industry news outlet Decrypt reported on Aug. 21 that cryptojacking code has been added to 11 open-source Ruby libraries distributed on the RubyGems platform. Per th..

19-Year-Old Sentenced to 20 Months for Selling Stolen Data for BTC

News Elliot Gunton, aged 19 and of Mounteney Close in Norwich, pleaded guilty to supplying online personal data and hacking services for cryptocurrency. A hacker for hireA press release published on Aug. 16 by the Norfolk police reports that the man was sentenced to 20 months in prison and ordered..

Chinese State-Sponsored Hacking Team Targets Crypto Companies

Many in the cryptocurrency ecosystem simply assume government agents are active therein. A new report making the rounds in the cryptoeconomy gives further credence to those assumptions in indicating a nefarious, state-sponsored force has entered the scene via a capable Chinese hacking team. The ha..

Exit Scams, State-Sponsored Hacks and a Very Expensive Valentines Day

From alleged exit scams to state-sponsored hacking and $6.1 million Valentines day gifts – it’s all happening in China right now. EtherDelta Busted Police in China have apparently begun investigating crypto trading platform EtherDelta over an exit scam. Partner at crypto investment fund Primitive V..

ShapeShift Addresses KeepKey Hardware Wallet Vulnerability Report

News Cryptocurrency swaps and hardware wallet producer ShapeShift addressed recent KeepKey hardware wallet vulnerability allegations. ShapeShift responded to an alleged vulnerability submitted through its responsible disclosure program in a Medium post published on Aug. 4. Per the announcement, th..

Chinese Gov’t Hackers Are Targeting Crypto Companies: Report

News Chinese state hackers are performing attacks against cryptocurrency and video game enterprises, cybersecurity company FireEye claims in a report published on Aug. 2. Chinese government facilitating hacking operationsPer the report, Chinese state espionage cyber unit APT41 “targets industries ..

Trump Vs. Bitcoin, Japanese Exchange Hacked | Coffee and Crypto

Coffee & Crypto In the premiere episode of the new Cointelegraph series “Coffee and Crypto,” head of editorial Olivia Capozzalo and head of news Molly Jane Zuckerman discussed the latest news in the cryptocurrency industry. Latest news in the cryptocurrency industryIn the video, Capozzalo and Zuck..

0x DEX Protocol Suspended Because of Vulnerability, Funds Safe

News The Ethereum (ETH) smart contract of 0x (ZRX) decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol has been suspended after a vulnerability has been uncovered in its code, the project’s team announced in a Medium post published on July 13. Per the announcement, third-party security researcher samczsun warne..

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