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Texas-Based Data Center CyrusOne Hit by Ransomware Attack

News Texas-based data center provider CyrusOne has reportedly fallen victim to an attack from REvil (Sodinokibi) ransomware, business tech-focused publication ZDNet reported on Dec. 5. One of the largest data centers in the United States, CyrusOne has reportedly been exposed to an attack by a vari..

Researchers Detect New North Korea-Linked MacOS Malware on Crypto Trading Site

News Security researchers have discovered a new cryptocurrency-related macOS malware believed to be the product of North Korean hackers at the Lazarus Group. As tech-focused publication Bleeping Computer reported on Dec. 4, malware researcher Dinesh Devadoss encountered a malicious software on a w..

Report: Android Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Steal Crypto Wallet Info

News Promon security researchers have uncovered a vulnerability that could allow cybercriminals to access private data on any Android phone. 500 most popular apps are at riskOn Dec. 2, the Norwegian app security firm Promon revealed the discovery of a dangerous Android vulnerability called StrandH..

UpBit Promises Swift Reimbursement, Theories Over Missing Funds Swell

Follow up On Nov. 27, major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange UpBit announced that 342,000 Ether (ETH), accounting for roughly $50 million, were stolen from its hot wallet earlier that day. Details remain vague, and some users are suggesting an inside job, although experts are skeptical of the ..

Signs Point to Inside Job in Upbit Crypto Exchange Hack, Says Commentator

News Following the theft of 342,000 Ether (ETH) ($50 million) from major South Korean crypto exchange Upbit, some commentators have suggested that the hack was actually an inside job. As Cointelegraph contributor Joseph Young tweeted on Nov. 27: “The ‘hacker’ timed when UPbit was making crypto tra..

Report: Cyber Criminals Are Using YouTube To Install Cryptojacking Malware

News Slovakian software security firm Eset has uncovered that cyber criminals behind the Stantinko botnet have been distributing a Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency mining module via Youtube. On Nov. 26, the major antivirus software supplier Eset reported that the Stantinko botnet operators have expande..

Binance Falls From Top 10 in CryptoCompare’s New Crypto Exchange Rankings

News London-based crypto data provider CryptoCompare has updated its crypto Exchange Benchmark, removing Binance cryptocurrency exchange from the list of the top 10 exchanges. Binance, the second biggest crypto exchange by daily trade volume to date, is not included in the CryptoCompare’s list as ..

Gatehub Crypto Wallet Data Breach Compromises Passwords of 1.4M Users

News A security researcher behind the data breach index site “Have I Been Pwned” said that password data and personal information of 2.2 million users of two websites have been dumped online. On Nov. 19, Ars Technica reported that security researcher Troy Hunt confirmed that the compromised data b..

Malware on Official Monero Website Can Steal Crypto: Investigator

News The software available for download on Monero’s (XMR) official website was compromised to steal cryptocurrency, according to a Nov. 19 Reddit post published by the coin’s core development team. The command-line interface (CLI) tools available at getmonero.org may have been compromised over th..

Hacker Offers $100K in BTC as Bounty for Hacking Halliburton

News Anonymous hacker Phineas Fisher will pay up to $100,000 in crypto to hackers for leaking some damaging information about global high-profile firms. The bounty, called the “Hacktivist Bug Hunting Program” was published on Nov. 15 and targets big companies including Israeli spyware vendor NSO G..

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