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How Tokenization Is Transforming Film Financing, Wesley Snipes’ Fund

Analysis As the world of finance continues adapting to contemporary innovations, it almost cannot help but drag other industries along for the ride — willingly or otherwise. Film is one such sector currently undergoing a quiet revolt, concocting a radical subversion to traditional models of financ..

Bitcoin: The Next Hedge Fund Staple, Says Investment Advisory CEO

For the most part, traditional hedge funds have avoided Bitcoin like it’s the black plague reborn. The few individuals in that community that have switched gears to cryptocurrency have been laughed at. Mike Novogratz, a former partner at Fortress Financial and Goldman Sachs, has told hosts of podca..

Should Hedge Fund Managers Try Bitcoin? Bill Miller Thinks So

In December 2017, veteran investor Bill Miller took a risky decision to allocate half of his hedge fund to bitcoin. One and a half year later, the risk is paying off well. Miller Value Partners registered 46 percent profits in the first half of 2019, reported Bloomberg. The top performers in the he..

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