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ProtonMail Reveals It’s Been ‘HODLing’ Its Bitcoin Payments for Years

News Swiss-based email service, ProtonMail, has revealed on Nov. 16 that it hasn’t cashed in any of the Bitcoin (BTC) it has accepted as payment for its premium service in years. The tweet was in response to a customer who complained that he felt guilty for spending Bitcoin ion a ProtonMail invoi..

Nearly $10 Billion in BTC Is Held in Wallets of 8 Crypto Exchanges

News Almost 7% of the entire circulating supply of Bitcoin (BTC) is held in the wallets of eight major cryptocurrency exchanges, according to Twitter account The Token Analyst. “Exchanges are the biggest HODLers”On Oct. 8, the Token Analyst wrote that, throughout Bitcoin’s history, the amount of t..

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Reminds Us of Bitcoin’s ‘Ten Best Days’ Rule

News Fundstrat co-founder Thomas Lee tweeted a timely reminder against panic-selling on Sept. 28, reminding that the majority of Bitcoin (BTC) gains come in the ten best trading days of the year. In fact, excluding these ten best days, BTC is down 25% per year. Fundstrat’s ‘rule of 10 best days’In..

Making Bitcoin Fun: Meet a HODL-themed BTC Board Game

Bitcoin Turned into a Board Game The Game of Life? Monopoly? Forget them. Meet a Bitcoin-themed board game that has been dubbed “Hodler of Last Resort”. Being created by a Bitcoiner on Twitter named Pedro, this board game is intended to be a way for friends and family to learn about BTC, its value..

Study Finds Bitcoin’s Most Volatile from Midnight to 1 A.M. (UTC)

Data analysts at Longhash found that Bitcoin’s price action fluctuates most from midnight to 1 a.m. UTC. Could this present an opportunity for day traders? Does the Early Bird Get the Worm? A recently published report from Longhash found that Bitcoin’s most volatile trading hours occur between midn..

South African Payment Gateway Drops BTC Over Fees and Network Congestion

On July 12, South African payment gateway service Payfast announced the company is dropping bitcoin core (BTC) payments due to network congestion and high fees. Payfast emphasized that BTC has a number of limitations and design flaws which makes it an “impractical substitute for cash.” Also read: G..

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