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Huobi University Principal Says Without 2020 Financial Crisis, There Is No Blockchain Boom

News The coronavirus pandemic is the “black swan of 2020”, leading financial markets into a level of decline not seen since the 2008 recession. However, blockchain may still have a chance to flourish during these times of crisis. Financial crisis presents an opportunity for blockchain developersOn..

Huobi’s Mining Arm Records 547% Surge in Operating Revenue in 2019

News Huobi, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume to date, saw significant progress in its crypto mining business in 2019. Huobi Pool, a cryptocurrency mining arm of Huobi, says its operating revenues surged 547% in 2019, reaching $320 million year-over-year from $53 m..

Shadow of Steem: Crypto Exchanges Choose to Govern User Deposits Differently

Analysis Crypto exchanges have become the most powerful stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem. Currently, just 12 crypto exchanges hold around 2.5 million Bitcoin (BTC) in their wallets, worth around $15 billion. That’s 13.8% of all Bitcoin mined to date — or, 16%–17% of all Bitcoin in circulation,..

Huobi and Binance Support Community-Led Steem Hard Fork

News Major cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Huobi have announced support for the Steem (STEEM) community’s hard fork to create the new Hive network. On March 18, Binance and Huobi published announcements revealing their support for the Steem hard fork that is scheduled for March 20. The decisi..

Huobi Derivatives Introduces Circuit Breaker and Partial Liquidations

News Huobi’s derivatives trading platform, Huobi DM, has announced a new ‘partial liquidation’ feature that aims to limit trading losses. Sudden market swings can immediately liquidate highly leveraged positions and cause extensive user losses, as seen during the last week’s Bitcoin price crash. ..

How the Steem Saga Exposes the Dangers of Staking Pools

Opinion Over the last few days, the centralization versus decentralization row has erupted in earnest. In case you missed it, the activities of Tron founder Justin Sun following his takeover of blogging site Steemit have been pivotal to the controversies. Let’s briefly recap. Earlier in February, ..

Binance Publishes Apology Letter to Steemit Community and Says It Has ‘Unvoted’

News Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has officially apologized to the Steemit community following its involvement in a major centralization scandal involving Tron founder Justin Sun. In its letter posted on March 10, Binance affirmed that it “stays neutral and has no interest in on-chain governanc..

Steem Community Stands Its Ground Amid Tron Takeover

Follow up The scandal surrounding the Steem blockchain continues to unfold. After juggernaut exchanges Binance, Huobi and Poloniex were heavily criticized by community members for allegedly mobilizing customer deposits to take over the network, two of those firms announced they were backing off. ..

Huobi Thailand Launches Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

News The advance of coronavirus in the region hasn’t precluded the launch of Huobi Thailand, which allows for a fiat gateway to BTC, ETH, HT, and USDT from the start, and plans to expand the offering in the near future according to the company’s press release Cointelegraph received today, March 5...

Huobi Withdraws Steem Votes, Admits to Mobilizing Customer Funds

News Four former witnesses have been voted back onto the council of 20 nodes that underpin the Steem blockchain. Their reinstitution follows the withdrawal of votes from major exchanges Binance and Huobi in support of what has been described in an attempted takeover of the network. In a statement ..

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