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Travelport and IBM Work on Blockchain Platform for Hotel Commissions

News Artificial intelligence-enabled travel platform Travelport, IBM and travel management company BCD Travel are jointly developing a blockchain platform to streamline hotel commission reconciliation. Per a press release on Aug. 20, the companies are collaboratively working on the creation of a b..

IBM and Tata Become Governing Council ‘Owners’ of Hedera DLT Platform

News Public distributed ledger Hedera Hashgraph has announced that IBM and Tata Communications have joined its governing council. In a news release on Aug. 12, the platform described the addition of the two firms as a “powerful endorsement” of its hashgraph consensus mechanism. “Diverse array” of ..

Tech Behemoth IBM Files for a Blockchain-Enabled Web Browser Patent

News American technology behemoth IBM has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a blockchain-enabled web browser patent. According to a patent application published on Aug. 6, IBM has filed a patent application for a system that stores web browser events on a blockchain. The..

IBM Launches New Blockchain Platform for Supplier Data Management

News Tech giant IBM and blockchain company Chainyard have jointly developed a new blockchain network for supply chain management. IBM announced the platform in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Aug. 5. Alongside IBM, the Trust Your Supplier network’s founding members are also American b..

Could Facebook Libra Become the Largest DApps Network to Date?

Expert Take The official announcement and details around Project Libra were provided to the world on June 18, 2019. Firstly, Libra was introduced: a new global reserve-backed cryptocurrency built on top of the new Libra Blockchain, with everything governed by a not-for-profit consortium dubbed the..

Seagate Moving Forward with Blockchain Pilot to Track Hard Drives

News American tech giant Seagate has entered the pilot stage of its blockchain project designed to fight counterfeit hard disk drives (HDD), Forbes reported on July 30. This pilot is a part of the joint initiative Seagate and IBM launched last November. The project aims to help manufacturers, inte..

IBM Triples Number of Blockchain Patents in US Since Last Year

News Tech giant IBM has tripled the number of blockchain patents secured in the United States since last year, currently boasting over 100 active patent families. That makes IBM’s growth in US patents the largest of last year, according to a report by BeinCrypto on July 16. According to data gathe..

Number of IBM Blockchain Patents Surge 300% In One Year

The number of blockchain patents that IBM owns has surged by as much as 300% in a little less than a year. With other major corporations getting seriously involved in the industry, this goes on to show that the interest in the field is steadily increasing. IBM Dominates Blockchain Patent Ownership..

Middle East Blockchain Development Primed to Lead the Global Industry

The United Arab Emirates is currently spearheading the Gulf crypto revolution, Ethereum seeks partnership ties

Blockchain for Food, How the Industry Makes Use of the Technology

In 2019, blockchain has been piercing the food industry at an accelerated pace. So, what makes it so appealing for local players?

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