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IMF Weighs the Pros and Cons of a Central Bank Digital Currency

News In a recent keynote speech to the London School of Economics, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Deputy Managing Director, Tao Zhang, briefed the positives and negatives of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Zhang pointed toward greater efficiency and lower costs associated with a CBDC. “..

Redefining ‘Safe Haven’: Predicting the 2020 Future by Learning From the 2012 Past

Opinion There appears to be increasing anxiety in cryptocurrency markets after the prices of Bitcoin (BTC) failed to maintain above the psychological $10,000 level in February. The disappointment came less than three months ahead of the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving. Although Bitcoin had perf..

Central Bank Officials: DLT Can Improve the Global Financial System

News On March 7, three monetary and cryptocurrency experts discussed the challenges and prospects of central bank-issued digital currencies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Bitcoin Expo 2020. The panelists acknowledged that distributed ledger technologies (DLT) could improve the ..

India Is Fostering a Solarized Digital Future

Expert Take India is fostering a digital future via Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” initiative: A national blockchain strategy that includes quantum computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence as digital technologies become the primary platform for economic activity and ..

CBDC Push Takes Ukraine Closer to Crypto Adoption

Analysis At a press conference held on Feb. 21, a representative for the National Bank of Ukraine released the results of its much-hyped central bank digital currency project called the e-hryvnia. However, the banking institution is still not certain of the impact this financial offering will have..

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