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Indian Gov’t Panel Recommends a Blanket Ban on Cryptocurrencies

News An Indian government panel recommended a ban on cryptocurrencies, Reuters reports on July 22. Is India finally about to ban cryptocurrencies?The panel recommended to the government today to ban cryptocurrencies and impose sanctions for any dealings involving crypto assets. Reuters adds that, ..

Weekly Digest: Bitcoin Price, Libra Hearings And More

Yesterday, the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. But did the week’s crypto news give any indication of ‘When Moon?’ for Bitcoin?Bitcoin Price: Another Week Of Consolidation So it’s been another week of consolidation for bitcoin price, which is never a bad thing long..

Cryptokart: Another Indian Crypto Exchange Shuts Down Operations

News Founder of Indian cryptocurrency exchange Cryptokart Gaurang Poddar announced that his company is shutting down in a LinkedIn post published last week. In his post, Poddar described the shutdown of the exchange as “difficult, given the hard work we've put in” but concluded that overall t..

Indian Minister: No Official Ban on Cryptocurrencies in India Yet

News India’s Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur has said that there is no law in India expressly prohibiting the use of cryptocurrencies. Local media outlet Inc42 reported Thakur’s statement on July 19, The statement came during a recent exchange between a Member of Parliament (MP) and T..

No Blanket Bitcoin Ban in India, Says Government Official

While there continues to be speculation about a possible bitcoin ban in India, a senior government official has come out to say there is no such law for cryptos in the country. Meanwhile, there are reports that a committee formed by the government to look into potential virtual currency laws is yet ..

Bitcoin Still Legal In India; Crypto Regulation in Works

Bitcoin will remain legal in India while the government works on regulations, a minister has said in new positive comments on the fate of the industry. Finance Minister: Bitcoin Regulations Coming Responding to a request for clarity on the state’s view of cryptocurrency, Anurag Thakur, India’s Mini..

Indian Government Breaks Silence on Crypto Regulation

The Indian government has finally spoken up about the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency it has been deliberating, providing answers to questions presented in the upper house of the Parliament of India. The government also confirmed that the report with the recommended crypto regulation has alr..

‘Pathetic and Corrupt’ — Tim Draper Slams Proposed Bitcoin Ban in India

News Bitcoin (BTC) proponent and Tezos investor Tim Draper hit out at the Indian government on Twitter July 16 after alleged evidence appeared it was preparing to ban cryptocurrency. Draper Appears To Mistake Draft Law For Genuine BanIn a strongly-worded message, Draper, who recently took Bitcoin..

Verified? Leaked Document Might Confirm India Bitcoin Ban Rumors

Over the past few months, there have been rumblings of an all-encompassing cryptocurrency ban set to take effect in India. Reports, which cite regulators and other insiders in the massive Asian nation, have stated that there is a bill that would disallow any citizen from dealing with any decentrali..

India May Ban Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies Except ‘Digital Rupee’

India is preparing to do the impossible by banning cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in any form, a newly leaked document revealed this week.Alleged Draft Law ‘Prohibits’ Bitcoin & Crypto Uploaded to sharing site Scribd by local blockchain and tech lawyer, Varun Sethi, the document allegedly shows..

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