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Why Bitcoin? Central Banks Forces Negative Rates on Consumers

For many investors in traditional markets, the “why” of Bitcoin is rather nebulous. From the anecdotal evidence I have heard, these cynics see the cryptocurrency as some worthless digital counterpart to gold at best and a tool for only criminals, terrorists, and crazy hackers at worst. They may qu..

Major Swedish Bank Orders Negative Interest Rate on Euro Deposits

Sub-zero interest rates have become the norm in some countries, especially in Europe. Nordic nations such as Sweden and Denmark have been in negative territory for a while and a growing number of banks in the region are now charging depositors for keeping their money. Saving in fiat right now, unlik..

The World Bank’s Blockchain Bond Is Just a Fancy Way of Selling Debt

Last year the World Bank and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced a permissioned Ethereum-based blockchain to facilitate the end-to-end issuance of bonds between financial partners. The Bretton Woods-created financial institution hopes to make debt capital markets far more efficient with a b..

Passing the Burden of Negative Rates to Bank Clients Opens Door for Cryptocurrencies

Record low and negative interest rates have put commercial banks in a difficult spot. Across Europe, they have been passing the burden to their clients. Some have introduced fees for those with large account balances, while others are punishing everybody equally. In any case, some bankers fear this ..

Inverted Yield Curve Signals U.S. Recession; Can Bitcoin Save Investors?

Recession indicators in the U.S. bond market just flashed their deepest warning signals since the period that led up to the 2008 financial crisis. Can bitcoin work as a safe haven and protect investors in the event of a U.S. recession? Popular Recession Indicator Flashes Warning Signals In stock ma..

More Signs the Next Big Financial Crisis May Begin in Germany

Germany, the locomotive of Europe’s huge economy, is entering a difficult period, various indicators suggest. And when the Federal Republic sneezes, the Old Continent usually catches a cold. This time, Germany may infect the rest of the world as well. Regulators in the country are busy drafting proh..

Good for Bitcoin: Federal Reserve Cuts Rates For First Time in a Decade

For the first time since the Great Recession in 2008, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee has cut interest rates. While this is a decision made by an authority in the fiat money world, prominent crypto analyst Thomas Lee suggests that it’s entirely bullish for Bitcoin.A Brief History Les..

Tom Lee Expecting Bitcoin Bull Run as USD Weakens

Bitcoin has been consolidating for most of the week, range bound between $10.2k and $9.6k. The monthly trend is still down but some industry experts foresee renewed action this weekend as fundamentals in the US could play a part. Bitcoin Back Over Five Figures BTC has made a few gains to keep it ba..

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