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Negative Interest Rates Give BTC an Opportunity to Shine, Report Claims

Michael Kapilkov 4 hours ago Negative Interest Rates Give BTC an Opportunity to Shine, Report Claims Negative interest rates may turn Bitcoin into an attractive alternative for institutional investors, claims a recent report. 6369 Total views 55 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News A report cl..

Bullish for Bitcoin: “Highly Respected” Economist Proposes Negative Rates In US

When people hold money in banks, they expect to receive interest on their deposits. Yet this is changing around the world: as central banks have slowly dragged their policy interest rates lower, commercial banks have been forced to impose those lower rates. And increasingly, that has meant taking mo..

Celsius Lists Libra Challenger for 9.9% Potential Interest

News Crypto lending platform Celsius Network has listed startup Saga’s SGA stabilized asset, unlocking the potential for token holders to earn interest. “Saga has partnered with leading cryptocurrency interest income platform, Celsius Network,” Saga founder Ido Sadeh Man told Cointelegraph. The c..

Changing the Universal Gravitation in the Financial Industry

Opinion Acquiring financial knowledge is priceless nowadays and, to tell the truth, has always been. We live in times when the usage of fiat is steadily decreasing in the world’s top-GDP countries, and the cash era is meeting its end. Right now, most of the existing money in circulation is already..

Goldman Sachs Expects the Fed to Cut Rates: Bullish for Bitcoin

As much as Bitcoin is in its own bubble, it isn’t only the crypto market that has been suffering over the past few weeks: the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease has caused mass panic and fear in real life, which has begun to roll over into the economy and asset markets. As it is the manda..

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