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IOTA Fixes Issue After Freezing Mainnet Transactions for 24 Hours

News Users of IOTA, the 24th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, were unable to confirm transactions for 24 hours due to a mainnet incident on Dec. 29. According to an official statement on the issue, the IOTA network experienced a mainnet incident that began at 2:50 AM UTC on Dec. 29, and was f..

Binance America Breaks $10 Million Daily Volume for the First Time

News The United States-based branch of major crypto exchange Binance, Binance.US, has broken the $10 million volume mark. “Took Binance longer to unlock this achievement back in the day”As of press time, the exchange has seen $10,481,594 in daily traded volume, according to data shared by Binance ..

Top-5 Crypto Performers: LEO, LINK. MIOTA, XRP, XTZ

Market Analysis Chinese fintech stocks have surged this year on hopes that the launch of a digital currency by the People’s Bank of China will increase demand for security and payment services. Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano said that if the digital yuan becomes a reality, it mi..

Top-5 Crypto Performers: XLM, MIOTA, ETH,TRX, XRP

Price Analysis Bakkt Daily and Monthly Bitcoin Futures will launch on Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. EDT. This is likely to increase volatility in Bitcoin, which has been stuck in a tight range for the past few weeks. Expectations are that Bitcoin-settled contracts and the backing of the New York Stock Exchan..

Iota Introduces Chronicle, a New Solution for Long-Term Data Storage

News Iota has introduced Chronicle, a permanode solution that will allow its node owners to easily store all of their transactions and maintain uninterrupted access to that data. Iota’s unlimited storage solutionOn Sept. 17, the Iota Foundation announced Chronicle, which allows node owners to stor..

Bitcoin Hovers Over $10,300 as Top Altcoins See Mixed Movements

Market Update Saturday, Sept. 14 — The top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting mixed movements on the day while Bitcoin’s (BTC) price hovers over the $10,300 mark by press time.Market visualization courtesy of Coin360 The price of Bitcoin is currently up by 0.13% on the day, trading at around $10,..

Jaguar Uses Iota in Proof-of-Concept Demo for Tracing Car Energy

News Distributed ledger technology (DLT) company Iota partners with auto manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover for a proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstration for tracing car energy with DLT. Tracking energy source and usageIota announced the news in an official blog post on Aug. 30. Per the announcement, Iot..

A Different Look at Crypto Market and Top Assets, How Dominated Is It?

Analysis With Bitcoin regaining market dominance of over two-thirds of the entire combined cryptocurrency capitalization, discussions regarding market share of prominent altcoins have largely left the dominant cryptocurrency discourse. Here is a different outlook on the market and on how the top c..

The Cryptocurrency Projects Pursuing a Path to Decentralization 

Decentralization over time is an ethos that many crypto projects espouse. To date, however, few have completed this journey. Talking the talk is easy, but when it comes down to it, only a handful of projects are bold enough to walk the walk and willingly entrust their fate to the community. Also re..

The Land of the Free: Why Decentralization Matters in the Crypto Republic

Are you sure the crypto world is free? Some lessons on governance, participation and decentralization from Tezos, Iota and others may prove the opposite

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