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Circle CEO Says Tokenized Fiat Currencies Are on the Horizon

News Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of blockchain-based, crypto-inclusive money transfer company Circle, said that the firm has long held that major fiat currencies would eventually be tokenized. Significant digital currenciesIn an interview on Aug. 21 on the podcast Global Coin Research, Allaire said th..

Bitcoin’s Safe Haven Status Now More Relevant Than Ever

Bitcoin has consolidated its safe-haven status especially amid the mass demonstrations in Hong Kong and global uncertainty, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire hinted in an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box. Circle CEO Sees Increased Demand from Holders On August 19, Circle’s Allaire said that investors were ..

Circle CEO: Macroeconomic Turmoil Responsible for Bitcoin’s Growth

News The CEO of crypto payments firm Circle, Jeremy Allaire, suggested that macroeconomic turmoil is responsible for Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent growth. During the interview with CNBC on Aug. 5, Allaire suggested that Bitcoin has become a safe haven used to store wealth in times of geopolitical and mac..

Circle Shifts Exchange Operations to New Bermuda Office

As the U.S. lawmakers and the Treasury Secretary consider implementing stringent regulations against cryptocurrency, Circle has packed its bags and moved offshore to Bermuda. Circle Moves to Evade Oppressive Regulation As regulatory pressure continues to stack up against cryptocurrency companies, ..

Circle CEO Accepts Justin Sun’s Invitation to Warren Buffett Lunch

News Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire will attend the crypto power lunch alongside Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, Tron CEO Justin Sun and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. On July 19, Allaire accepted Sun’s invitation on Twitter to join the much-anticipated $4.6 million lunch with the well-known Bitc..

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