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Bitcoin (BTC) Removed as a Payment Option on DLive, Replaced by Tron (TRX)

In brief: Tron bought DLive in December 2019. DLive was soon integrated into the BitTorrent ecosystem. Bitcoin (BTC) has now been removed as a payment option on the Livestreaming platform and has been replaced by TRX, BTT and TRC-20 USDT. Back in December 2019, the Tron Foundation acquired the popu..

Hive Continues Independence Push as Steem Stakeholders Migrate to New Chain

Follow up Over the past few days, the ex-Steem blockchain community has gained an upper hand over Justin Sun and his recently acquired Steemit startup. After blaming Sun for attempting to centralize their network, a substantial part of the original Steem community successfully launched a hard fork..

Hive Trades for 20% Premium Over Steem on Bittrex Crypto Exchange

News After successfully forking from the Steem blockchain, Hive (HIVE) secured a listing on Bittrex — where it is trading for a 20% premium over Steem (STEEM). In a blow to Justin Sun, the cryptocurrency market appears to have chosen which chain it believes to be more valuable after Hive forked of..

Steem Community Resists Takeover, Hard Fork Launches Hive Network

Follow up The Steem (STEEM) blockchain community continues to oppose Steemit in the wake of the recent “takeover” orchestrated by Justin Sun, the startup’s new owner. On March 18, “a large group of Steem community members” announced its intention to hard fork the Steem blockchain and create a new ..

Hive Hard Fork is Successful, STEEM Crashes Back to Earth

News Following weeks of conflict between the Steem (STEEM) community and Justin Sun, the community-led Hive hard fork was successful. On March 20, Hive hard forked the Steem network, airdropping HIVE tokens to STEEM holders 1:1, excluding the founder’s reward. The founder’s reward comprises 20% o..

Justin Sun’s Steemit Accused of Censoring Hive Related Content

News In the latest development in the Steem (STEEM) saga, Justin Sun has come under fire for censoring posts on the platform related to the community-driven ‘Hive’ hard fork. On March 19, cryptocurrency influencer Girl Gone Crypto Tweeted a clip to say that her “neutral explainer video” about the ..

Huobi and Binance Support Community-Led Steem Hard Fork

News Major cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Huobi have announced support for the Steem (STEEM) community’s hard fork to create the new Hive network. On March 18, Binance and Huobi published announcements revealing their support for the Steem hard fork that is scheduled for March 20. The decisi..

Steem Community Relaunches Platform as Hive to Make It Truly Decentralized

News The Steem (STEEM) community announced its intention to create a new platform in the wake of the controversy with Justin Sun. According to a blog post published on March 18, the new platform, named Hive, will launch on March 20. The new platform will initially be launched as an exact code fork..

How the Steem Saga Exposes the Dangers of Staking Pools

Opinion Over the last few days, the centralization versus decentralization row has erupted in earnest. In case you missed it, the activities of Tron founder Justin Sun following his takeover of blogging site Steemit have been pivotal to the controversies. Let’s briefly recap. Earlier in February, ..

Binance Publishes Apology Letter to Steemit Community and Says It Has ‘Unvoted’

News Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has officially apologized to the Steemit community following its involvement in a major centralization scandal involving Tron founder Justin Sun. In its letter posted on March 10, Binance affirmed that it “stays neutral and has no interest in on-chain governanc..

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