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Asian Countries Leading the Way for FATF Travel Rule

Turner Wright 1 hour ago Asian Countries Leading the Way for FATF Travel Rule South Korea and Singapore may have the best regulations around compliance with the Financial Action Task Force guidelines. 1300 Total views 46 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News CoolBitX Founder Michael Ou believes..

Fiat On-Ramp Simplex Removes KYC Requirement for Crypto Transactions Below $150

Simplex, a service that provides fiat on-ramps for crypto exchanges is removing know-your-customer (KYC) restrictions for transactions below $150. The move is part of efforts to increase cryptocurrency adoption by eliminating needless regulatory hurdles for microtransactions. Since its launch in 20..

CipherTrace Launches A New Product to Help Banks Eliminate “Blind Spots”

Michael Kapilkov 4 hours ago CipherTrace Launches A New Product to Help Banks Eliminate “Blind Spots” CipherTrace seeks to fill the “blind spot” in crypto compliance with the launch of Armada. 1896 Total views 48 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News April 28, CipherTrace launches Armada, a pro..

Oobit’s ‘SkyScanner for Bitcoin Trading’ Fails to Meet Expectations

News Peer-to-peer, or P2P, trading platform, Oobit, has launched its purportedly SkyScanner-styled Bitcoin (BTC) price aggregator, Oobit Hunter. Oobit has also launched ‘Pass’ — “a single KYC passport for use on multiple trading platforms” that allows traders to access multiple exchanges simultane..

Cryptocurrency News From Japan: March 22-28 in Review

News This week’s headlines from Japan included Bitbank adding smartphone compatibility for identity verification, Fobi Japan announcing leverage trading, Coincheck announcing order limits, Rakuten Wallet announcing margin trading, and product trading company Marubeni testing blockchain for tracing..

P2P Exchange Paxful Teams Up With Chainalysis for Increased Overwatch

News Peer-to-peer exchange Paxful will add security to its operation through a partnership with blockchain analysis outfit Chainalysis. Through a new partnership, Paxful will harness specific technologies from Chainalysis. “Paxful uses the Chainalysis Reactor to conduct deep investigations and the..

New PlusToken Report Shows KYC May Be Smoke and Mirrors

News A new report on the PlusToken Ponzi scheme shows regulated exchanges are being used to dump coins, despite stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) identify verification rules. Investigative company OXT Research has released a second edition of their in-depth blockchain analysis on the PlusToken sc..

When Will Bitcoin Join the DeFi Revolution?

Opinion As of early February, more than $1 billion U.S. dollars of assets reside in decentralized finance protocols, commonly called DeFi protocols. DeFi protocols and platforms offer crypto holders sophisticated financial tools that were unavailable to them just a year or two prior, but the rapid..

Crypto Exchange Digitex Removes KYC to Protect User Data

News While some global cryptocurrency exchanges move to expand Know Your Customer (KYC) rules, some major rivals claim that crypto platforms don’t need KYC at all. Digitex, a Seychelles-based crypto derivatives exchange, will start removing KYC identification this week in response to a major user ..

From Taxes to Transparency: The IRS Gets Schooled on Crypto

News It is no secret that the United States Internal Revenue Service is working to cope with the unique challenges of taxing cryptocurrencies. In the first of a series of panels today, March 3, four experts spoke about recent advancements in cryptocurrency technology and the challenges and opport..

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The world of digital currency trading posted very solid transaction volumes on May 8 as Bitcoin returned to its highly anticipated $10,000 level. The...

South Korea is Preparing for a Sovereign Cryptocurrency Future

Over the next two years, the central bank of South Korea will be working on a blockchain project that would create a digital version...

How Blockchain Applications Are Being Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A couple of major blockchain development conferences have been canceled, and the cryptocurrency markets are feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but...
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