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E Pluribus Unum: Four Class-Action Suits Against Bitfinex Over 2017 BTC Price Now One

News The four class-action suits against Bitfinex, Tether and parent company iFinex over alleged market manipulation leading to Bitcoin’s (BTC) 2017 bull market have been consolidated — with implications for every BTC buyer since April 2017. Per an order dated Jan. 24 and filed Jan. 27 from Judge ..

Hawaiian Banks May Soon Dabble In Crypto: Lawmakers File Friendly Bill

The storage of Bitcoin has long been an affair in and of itself. Just think about that story of the man who threw away his hard drive with thousands of coins on it, now worth dozens of millions of dollars, or the recent story of cryptocurrency skeptic and libertarian investor Peter Schiff losing $2..

Digital Courts Trial Decentralized Justice, Real World Weighs Verdict

Analysis Imagine a future where conflicts and legal disputes are no longer settled between the four walls of a courtroom but by anonymous jurors of a blockchain network. The concept seems far-fetched, but it is already a reality as a result of some forward-thinking projects that are using the powe..

Ukraine to Block Crypto Wallets for Illicit Funds, Finance Minister Says

News Ukrainian authorities will be able to “block crypto wallets” in order to seize illegally obtained assets, a notice on the country’s Ministry of Finance says. Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s Finance Minister, reportedly said that the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine (SFMS) will be the..

Hawaii Introduces Bill Authorizing Banks to Offer Crypto Custody

News The Hawaii State Senate has passed the first reading of a bill authorizing banks to hold digital assets in their custody. The bill was introduced on Jan. 17 by five state senators, including the only Republican member of the Senate, Kurt Fevella. It passed the first reading on Jan. 21 and was..

Week Two of RBI Vs. Crypto at the Supreme Court of India

News The Supreme Court of India has this week listened to further hearings in the landmark case against the Reserve Bank of India’s ban on banks’ dealings with crypto-related businesses. On Jan. 22 and Jan. 23, proceedings continued with arguments presented by Ashim Sood, the legal counsel for the..

Kik Representative Will Give Deposition in SEC Case on Jan. 28

News The United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has requested a deposition from a representative of Kik Interactive Inc. to provide detailed information about its operations since releasing native token Kin. Kik Interactive, the Canadian company behind the Kik messenger application, ha..

Blockvest Saved from Default Judgement in Fraud Case

News Blockvest, which is currently embroiled in a dangerous lawsuit with the SEC, obtained a small victory in a similar case filed by an elderly couple. However, the Jan. 21 court filing suggests that this is based on a legal technicality. The case against Blockvest was filed by Tommy and Christin..

SEC Charges $600,000 ICO Project Opporty for Fraudulent Security Offering

News The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Sergii Grybniak, the founder of the initial coin offering (ICO) project Opporty, according to a Jan. 21 press release. Despite raising approximately $600,000, the commission targeted Grybniak for falsely declaring the project as “100% S..

Vinnik’s Children File a Complaint About Rights Violation to Greek Court

News The lawyers for Alexander Vinnik, the alleged operator of defunct crypto exchange BTC-e, have filed a complaint alleging violation of Vinnik’s rights. Written on behalf of Vinnik’s young children, the complaint has been filed with a Greek court to prevent the allegedly approaching criminal’s ..

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