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Telegram Writes Investors to Counter FUD Before Feb. SEC Hearings

News In a letter to investors, Telegram encouraged investors to view the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hearing recently rescheduled for February as “a positive step.” Cause for optimismThe letter, sent on Oct. 19, briefly reassures investors that the recent rescheduling of..

Bitcoin’s Irreversibility Challenges International Private Law: Legal Scholar

News A German law professor has argued that permissionless networks such as Bitcoin (BTC) pose the greatest challenge when it comes to applying private law to the blockchain. In an Oct. 18 article entitled Who Owns Bitcoin? Private (International) Law Facing the Blockchain, Professor Matthias Lehm..

Cointelegraph Blocked in Russia

News Cointelegraph's website has become widely inaccessible in Russia as authorities added the domain to a registry of blacklisted sites. The blacklistAlthough Cointelegraph has been publicly on a list of blocked sites since 2017, it was only yesterday, October 16, that the Russian Federal Se..

CFTC File Lawsuit Against $11M Ponzi-Like Cryptocurrency Scam

News The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced the filing of a civil enforcement action against Nevada-based Circle Society. Defendants guaranteed investors 300% returnOn Oct. 16, the CFTC announced that it was charging Circle Society and its owner, David Gilbert Saff..

US Authorities Analyze Bitcoin Transactions to Shut Down Child Porn Ring

News United States law enforcement agencies analyzed Bitcoin (BTC) transactions to locate and subsequently shut down a global child pornography site. Per an Oct. 16 press release, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the shutdown of the largest-to-date child sexual exploitation market called W..

US Treasury Secretary Says Firms Left Libra Due to Compliance Issues

News United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has attributed the recent spate of firms abandoning Facebook’s Libra stablecoin project to regulatory concerns. On CNBC’s Squawk Box on Oct. 14, Mnuchin stated that companies are abandoning the Libra project because it is “not up to par” with Am..

Telegram Responds to Investors on SEC Action, Hearing Set for Oct. 24

News Telegram Open Network (TON) developers responded to its investors after American regulators abruptly announced that its $1.7 billion token sale was illegal. No clear feedback from SEC for 18 monthsAccording to a TON letter to investors obtained by Cointelegraph, the firm has been trying to so..

Crypto and Blockchain News From Brazil: Oct. 6-12 in Review

Local News The story of Brazil’s crypto scams took a new twist over the past week as CEO of an alleged pyramid scheme reportedly fled the country after rejecting court deadlines. Here is the past week of crypto and blockchain news in review, as originally reported by Cointelegraph Brasil. Banco Or..

Telegram’s TON Board ‘Takes a Break,’ Removes All History From Channel

News Following a recent red flag from United States. regulators, a private Telegram channel for Telegram Open Network (TON) is taking a break. Temporary halt for more clarityOn Oct. 12, TON Board channel on Telegram announced a temporary halt of work due to the increased level of regulatory uncert..

Bank of Ireland Execs Back Out of Testifying in OneCoin Scam Hearings

News Bank of Ireland (BOI) executives have backed out of the testimony before the United States Government in the criminal proceedings regarding a $400 million worth money laundering scheme through cryptocurrency scam OneCoin. No testimony on voluntary basisAs fintech-focused news outlet FinanceFe..

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