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Central Bank ‘Parental Controls’ Obsolete for Crypto: Bank of Lithuania

News The Bank of Lithuania said that central banks’ “parental controls” are obsolete when it comes to crypto assets, but that should not prevent them from entering the space in order to understand it. In an analysis dedicated to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) released on Dec. 10, the Bank..

Lithuanian Central Bank Announces Blockchain Collector Coin

News The Bank of Lithuania announced that it will release a digital, blockchain-based collector coin in the spring of 2020, according to a press release on Dec. 9. The coin is dedicated to the Act of Independence of Lithuania on Feb. 16, 1918, and its 20 signatories. In homage to the year of the a..

Lithuania’s Central Bank Considering IBM for Its LBChain DLT Platform

News Lithuania’s central bank, Bank of Lithuania, has selected technology behemoth IBM and IT services firm Tieto as the finalists contending to develop its blockchain platform. Financial technology news outlet FintechFutures reported on the contest’s developments on Oct. 23. Per the report, both ..

Lithuania: Narvesen Stores and Lithuanian Press Kiosks to Sell BTC

News Lithuanian convenience stores Narvesen and Lithuanian Press kiosks are going to start selling Bitcoin (BTC), local news outlet Delfi reported on Sept. 17. Bitcoin in Lithuanian storesAccording to the report, the shops will start selling coupons that can be exchanged for BTC online. Narvesen a..

Harmony to Scale Samsung Wallet-Supported Blockchain Health Data App

News Blockchain network Harmony teamed up with a Lithuanian blockchain-powered health app firm to enable fast and secure health data sharing. According to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Sept. 12, Harmony partnered with Lympo, a company developing an incentivizing platform for healthy..

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