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Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Declines But Recovery Expected Soon

In the last 24 hours, the price of Litecoin has decreased impulsively to the downside but has found some temporary support. The decrease would be expected to continue but soon we are to see the start of another increase as the recovery should continue. Further decrease could be seen to the $85 supp..

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Moves Sideways, Further Upside Expected

The price of Litecoin has started recovering from last week’s low but and manage to pull back above the support zone with strong momentum. It is currently moving sideways since Saturday when the highest point has been made which is why it could be interpreted as consolidation before another rise. T..

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Finds Support But No Signs of Reversal Yet

The price of Litecoin found support on the significant support zone but the recovery that followed hasn’t shown any strong indication that the trend reversal is coming which is why we could see another downside spike below the support zone before the significant recovery could start. Price managed ..

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Finds Support But Could be Temporary

The price of Litecoin decreased by a significant amount almost going 20% lower from its Friday’s high but has found support at the projected level at the horizontal support zone. This might cause the start of the higher degree recovery as the Z wave from the complex correction count might have ended..

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Recovers, Rising Wedge Forming

The price of Litecoin has recovered by a significant amount and with the price still being in an upward trajectory. Further upside movement would be expected but would only be corrective as another drop after its completion looks likely. Rising wedge pattern started forming Interaction with the $10..

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