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YouTube Bans Drive Cryptocurrency Fans to Decentralized Alternatives

News In recent years, Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube deleted and banned an array of cryptocurrency-related channels. The platform’s policy has driven cryptocurrency enthusiasts to look for decentralized alternatives to YouTube, which allow users to skirt censorship and even incentiviz..

CMT Digital Head Says BTC Trading Still Strong Despite Global Conditions

News Amid global coronavirus fears and plunging mainstream markets, Bitcoin (BTC) trading has remained largely unchanged, according to CMT Digital head of trading and business development, Brad Koeppen. “Bitcoin trading has not been that different,” Koeppen told Cointelegraph in a March 31 email. ..

Bitcoin’s Plunge Due to Traditional Markets Falling or PlusToken Dumping?

News Some authorities think current traditional market instability lies behind Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent plunge, while others feel the alleged PlusToken scam is the cause. Bill Herrmann, CEO of alternative investment banking firm Wilshire Phoenix, believes Bitcoin’s recent bearishness is simply due ..

Crypto Appears on Simpsons Where Jim Parsons Explains It’s ‘Cash of the Future’

News One of the latest episode of "The Simpsons" aired has just aired featuring Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory appearing as a guest star to explain cryptocurrencies and how a blockchain works. In the song and dance predicts cryptocurrency to be the future money, the animated ledger states: "Each d..

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