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Protocol Politicians: A Look at The Future Crypto Politics of MakerDAO & Dai Stablecoin

MakerDAO is one of the most intriguing projects to watch in the cryptocurrency space in 2020 and beyond, namely because of how interesting things can get around the Maker ecosystem going forward. That is, if you’re into experimental economics and politics. Let’s dig a little into the latter, what a..

As Token Migration Continues: Dai Stablecoin Supply Overtakes Sai Predecessor

One of the biggest cryptocurrency stories in the second half of 2019 was the MakerDAO project’s high-profile upgrade of the Dai stablecoin in November. That upgrade saw the stablecoin evolve in numerous ways, namely through a rebrand and with the introduction of new smart contracts that enabled a D..

Maker’s Big DeFi Milestone: Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) Upgrade Activated

Maker, the largest DeFi project to date, just celebrated its biggest milestone yet with the successful activation of its Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) upgrade. Launched on November 18th, the MCD system will allow Maker users to draw out automated Dai stablecoin loans using collateral beyond just ether..

Dai Stablecoin Debt Ceiling Reached: What It Means and What Comes Next

MakerDAO’s Dai stablecoin has become a darling in the Ethereum decentralized finance ecosystem. And in short order, demand for the dollar-pegged cryptocurrency is growing. That’s because the Dai stablecoin’s artificial debt ceiling of $100 million USD was reached for the first time this week, a DeF..

Maker (MKR) Token First Up on Anchorage’s Governance Voting Platform

As the MakerDAO project continues to advance and its flagship tokens, Dai and MKR, grow in popularity, the specter of Maker governance votes is rising too. Accordingly, cryptocurrency custodian firm Anchorage has launched a new voting portal for its institutional MKR holders to readily have their s..

Earn Coin for Holding Coin: Dai Savings Rate Coming Next Month

Hodl to steadily and stably earn, not hodl to hope: that’s the dynamic the Dai stablecoin is set to embrace next month. That’s according to Maker chief executive officer Rune Christensen, who announced at the Osaka-based Devcon 5 on October 9th that the Dai Savings Rate (DSR) — which will allow Dai..

What to Dai? Ethereum Backers Grapple With Popular Stablecoin’s Future

As new technical possibilities are arising, discussions have picked up this week in the Ethereum community around what the MakerDAO project’s Dai stablecoin should be and become — and the possibilities are wide open in the open-source DeFi community. For context, there are two notable developments ..

DEFX: Nasdaq Adds New Index That Tracks DeFi Crypto Projects

The operators of the Nasdaq, the second-largest stock exchange in the world, have added a new index to their bustling platform that notably tracks cryptoeconomy and decentralized finance (DeFi) natives like Augur and MakerDAO. That index, dubbed DeFiX, is backed by the international brokerage brand..

Next Gen: Reigning DeFi Champs Maker Unveil New “V2” Blockchain Oracles

This week Maker, the team behind the popular Dai stablecoin, announced its next generation “V2” Oracles. It’s a big development for the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, as Maker’s first wave of Oracles — initially launched in the summer of 2017 — have come to be relied upon by an array of popular Ethereum ..

Dai News: OpenLaw Integrates, rDAI Arrives, & First MCD Vote Starts

There’s plenty of bustle happening around MakerDAO’s dollar-pegged Dai stablecoin right now. For one, on August 14th the team behind the blockchain-based legal agreement protocol OpenLaw announced they’d be integrating the Ethereum ecosystem’s darling stablecoin as the “medium of exchange of choice..

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