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Maker Foundation Hands Control of MKR Token Over to the Community

Maker, the leading dApp to date in Ethereum’s rising decentralized finance sector, is now that much more decentralized. On Wednesday, March 25th, the Maker Foundation — the non-profit organization that has served to steward the young MakerDAO project — announced it had completely transitioned contr..

The MakerDAO Auction Is Happening, Here’s What to Expect

News The MakerDAO (MKR) community has locked in an auction to cover a multi-million dollar hole in DAI collateral after the sudden Ethereum (ETH) price crash on March 12. Scheduled for 10:28 AM EST on March 19, the system will auction newly minted MKR in exchange for DAI. The proceeds from the sal..

Dai Liquidity Crunch: Why DeFi’s MakerDAO Mulling USDC as Collateral

The MakerDAO lending project has been Ethereum’s most successful decentralized finance app to date. But the project is embattled on the heels of its toughest week yet, and stakeholders are now scrambling for effective responses to right the ship. The stage for the Maker community’s latest maneuveri..

As Ether Price Drop Pressures DeFi, Developers Remain Confident in its Success

News Thursday’s market meltdown left MakerDAO (MKR) with a $5 million hole that the project is now scrambling to fill. As this is just the latest in a series of hard blows to decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, some are wondering if the ecosystem can defend itself from collapse. Cointelegraph c..

MakerDAO Community to Vote on Upgrades, Conduct Debt Auction

News MakerDAO, a leading firm in the burgeoning sector of decentralized finance (DeFI) built on the Ethereum (ETH) network, has hastily called for a community vote on March 13 ahead of the project's first-ever Debt Auction. According to Maker (MKR), the vote will decide on needed modificatio..

Top 5 Cryptos This Week (Mar 8): LINK, CRO, XTZ, MKR, ETH

Price Analysis The total crypto market capitalization has dropped from about $263 billion on March 7 to under $244 billion at press time. This shows a lack of demand at higher levels. The failure to resume the up move within the next few days is likely to attract further selling by the short-term ..

Top 5 Cryptos This Week (Feb 23): XTZ, HEDG, ATOM, MKR, LTC

Price Analysis After numerous big companies exited Facebook’s Libra project and several regulators voiced their concerns, news about the project had taken a back seat. However, this week, the Libra Association announced that E-commerce giant Shopify had joined the network. The Libra Foundation sai..

Maker (MKR) Community Eyes Governance Delay to Mitigate DeFi Attackers

Last week, an unknown market manipulator launched a sophisticated arbitrage attack against the bZx decentralized finance lending protocol, netting the bad actor some $350,000 USD worth of ether. Days later, heads turned again when bZx suffered a separate oracle-based attack. This time, the culprit ..

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