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Mnuchin The Dollar Defender: I Promise I’ll Have Zero Bitcoin in 10 years

The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, America’s top executive official on all things USD, just cast another round of shade at bitcoin. Are the biting comments far too bold to be fair, though? Sec. Mnuchin, who in a press conference last week called cryptocurrencies like bitcoin a “national security t..

Study: Money Launderers Still Prefer Fiat to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has had its share of detractors since the first token launched some years back. Over the years the number of detractors has increased, but their complaint hasn’t. They all sing the same tune—liking digital assets as tools that help criminals and money launderers. So far, even the Pre..

The Myth of Authority: Mnuchin Denies USD Is Used Criminally

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has once again weighed in on bitcoin, claiming the U.S. dollar has not been used to finance “nefarious” activity on a recent episode of CNBC’s Squawk Box. Democratic House Representative Maxine Waters also dropped a tasty nugget of a soundbite as well, sharing ..

Now Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Thinks Bitcoin is a Store of Value

The crypto community is still reacting to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s recent commentary on bitcoin and its brethren. The asset itself reacted strongly with a 6% pump on the day and many have taken the positives from the speech, some claiming that it is ‘wildly bullish’. Mnuchin: Bitcoin a..

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