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Mt. Gox

Karpeles Says Mt Gox Verdict May Set ‘Dangerous’ Precedent

Hisashi Oki 17 minutes ago Karpeles Says Mt Gox Verdict May Set ‘Dangerous’ Precedent A day after a Tokyo court upheld charges against him, Mark Karpeles, the former owner and CEO of Mt. Gox, spoke to Cointelegraph. 680 Total views 13 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News A day after a Tokyo co..

Safety Check: If Crypto Custodian Fails, Clients May Not Get a Full Payout

Andrew Singer 1 hour ago Safety Check: If Crypto Custodian Fails, Clients May Not Get a Full Payout Crypto exchanges — not segregating blockchain addresses — could lead to ownership disputes in the event of insolvency, research says. 1033 Total views 74 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 Analysis..

Japanese Exchanges React to Revised Crypto Laws Now in Effect

Turner Wright 2 hours ago Japanese Exchanges React to Revised Crypto Laws Now in Effect Atsushi Kuwabara from Japan-based exchange bitbank spoke to Cointelegraph regarding the new regulatory changes to the country’s crypto laws. 2393 Total views 99 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News Japanese..

Facebook’s Calibra Team Introduces A Novel Distributed Audit Protocol

Michael Kapilkov 54 minutes ago Facebook's Calibra Team Introduces A Novel Distributed Audit Protocol Facebook’s Calibra team introduces a new protocol for distributed auditing of assets that could have saved Mt. Gox. 1779 Total views 44 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News In a recent pr..

Tokyo District Court Extends Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Plan Deadline

News The trustee of now-defunct Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox has extended the deadline for the submission of rehabilitation plans. According to an official announcement published on the company’s website on March 30, Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi filed a motion with..

Peter Vessenes in the Focus of Cointelegraph China

Interview Welcome back to Cointelegraph China’s Focus talk show. This time around, Peter Vessenes is under the spotlight. He is the founder of CoinLab, the first venture-backed Bitcoin company. He also co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation, serving as its first executive director and chairman. Vessene..

Mt. Gox Casts a Dark Shadow of Crypto’s Collapse — A Long Fight for Justice

Analysis Mt. Gox’s creditors will meet today, March 25, as part of a compensation process that seems to go on and on. This news comes at a unique time: amid a pandemic and with the world on the brink of economic crisis. It calls to mind again the 2014 collapse of Mt. Gox, the Japan-based cryptocur..

Mt. Gox Creditors to Meet Tomorrow As Reimbursement Process Inches Forward

News In the latest sign of a step forward in a lengthy compensation process, the infamous hacked Bitcoin (BTC) exchange Mt. Gox appears to be hosting a new meeting for its creditors tomorrow, March 25. In an official announcement posted to the now-defunct exchange’s website on March 24, Mt. Gox’s ..

Mt. Gox Whistleblower Alleges Shadow-Ban on Twitter for Coronavirus Analysis

News Ryan Selkis, the CEO of crypto market analysis software firm, Messari, and long-time cryptocurrency commentator, has reportedly been shadow-banned on Twitter for his coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. Messari runs a tracking service that provides updates on the number of coronavirus cases ..

Ex CEO of Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Accuses Plaintiff of Changing Fraud Claims

Mark Karpelès, ex-CEO of defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox., recently accused the plaintiff George Greene of changing facts underlying his claim in the middle of the ongoing case, which is forbidden by the court. Also, Karpeles is calling on the court to dismiss the remaining class-action lawsuit brou..

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