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Op Ed: Do Stablecoins Matter, or are they just a Fad?

Stablecoins – cryptocurrency coins and tokens that are designed to maintain a steady price – have been around for a couple years now. Typically, stablecoins are tied to the value of a popular fiat currency such as the US dollar. In times of turmoil when markets are dropping, historically stablecoin..

P2P Crypto Lending Is on the Rise

As peer-to-peer cash, it only seems logical that cryptocurrency should be deployed for P2P lending. While that application has taken time to materialize, bitcoin and other crypto assets are now increasingly fulfilling that purpose. Across the BTC, BCH and ETH networks, credit is being supplied to or..

Top 5 Crypto Performers: BSV, TRX, ATOM, MIOTA, ETC, NEXO*

Can the top five performers extend their rally?

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