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Chainlink Unveil Mixicles: a New Privacy Solution for Smart Contracts

Members and colleagues of SmartContract, the team behind the Chainlink decentralized oracle project, unveiled research this week on a new privacy boosting DeFi tool dubbed Mixicles. In a paper released by SmartContract researchers Sergey Nazarov, Alex Coventry, Steve Ellis, Brendan Magauran, and te..

Next Gen: Reigning DeFi Champs Maker Unveil New “V2” Blockchain Oracles

This week Maker, the team behind the popular Dai stablecoin, announced its next generation “V2” Oracles. It’s a big development for the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, as Maker’s first wave of Oracles — initially launched in the summer of 2017 — have come to be relied upon by an array of popular Ethereum ..

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